Simple Ways to Reconnect with Your Spouse Daily

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In the midst of the daily hustle, it can be hard to find time to connect and nurture our relationship with our significant others. We’re currently in the state of life where there is always somewhere to be, something to do, children that need help and the feeling of go, go, go is intense. Most days I feel like my husband and I barely get a chance to have a real conversation without getting distracted in one way or another.

While my husband and I are happy, I know that putting some effort and taking the initiative to connect with each other more regularly would not only make our relationship stronger, but healthier. People are happiest when they make meaningful connections with one another but with so much competing for our attention, it’s easy to overlook things that truly matter. Being more intentional and making our marriage a priority is a must for it’s longevity. Good relationships don’t happen — they thrive on dedication and effort.

When I heard about Wente Vineyards’ Make Time Pledge, I knew that I really wanted to focus on ways to nurture our relationship. The Wente Vineyards’ Make Time Pledge, encourages you to take your commitment to making time for the activities, pursuits, and people in your life a step further by taking a 21 day pledge that will guide you in your make time journey with helpful tips and ideas along the way.  Your pledge to make time for those things and people you love can be anything your heart desires: spend more time doing a hobby you enjoy, spend more time pursuing self-care, being outdoors, connecting with friends, etc., –whatever it is that feeds your soul and brings you contentment and joy. To sign up for the pledge, click here.

For the Wente Make Time Pledge, I’ve vowed to be more intentional in finding ways to reconnect with my husband daily. I’m sharing a few of the ways that I hope to do below in hopes that maybe it can inspire you to do the same.

Read more about the 5 ways I’m being more intentional in finding ways to reconnect with my husband and how you can too.

Simple Ways to Reconnect with Your Spouse Daily:

Small Daily Routines

Finding small periods of time in your day to connect makes a huge difference, even if it’s just 5 minutes of face-to-face and/or one-to-one conversation. Oh yeah, and ditch the digital distractions and really be “in” the conversation without feeling the need to check your phone/facebook/etc. Find those micro-moments during your day to connect with your loved one.

Whether you find that waking up a few minutes earlier to laze around in bed and chat, over coffee in the mornings, a simple “how are you?” phone call on the way to work, while having a glass of wine in the evening, etc., find those littles pockets of time during the day to say “hi” or send a note to let your spouse know you’re thinking of them.

Schedule Dates

Schedule dates so that you have that one-on-one time to get out and connect. We love scheduling fun and exciting dates that push us out of our comfort zone, allow us to try new things together and create new memories. This is one of the areas that we’ve been working on a lot as it’s something that can easily get pushed aside.

Set Reasonable Schedules

Sometimes less is more and that may mean that you need to unschedule yourself. What I mean, is that you may need to work on not over-scheduling and saying “no” more often to those that are asking for your time and energy so that you have more time to focus on your marriage. Do your children really need to be in 4 different activities? Do you really want to go to that book party? Make time for your spouse and prioritize where and who you give your time to.


Creating traditions as a couple and family are a great way to create a lasting bond and moments to connect. Whether that means you grab lunch together once a week, kayaking monthly for a lakeside picnic or take mini-road trips, find those things that you both love and value and make them your tradition.

Power of Touch

Touch is powerful and little hugs, kisses, hand holds, and pats can go along way. 😉

Let Go of Frustrations

When you’re with and around someone for a long time, those little quirks can be frustrating at times. As much as you can irritate each other, let go of the small frustrations. In the long run, those little issues really aren’t that bothersome. Show gratitude and appreciation for the things you do for each other (even if it means that they load the dishwasher differently than you — haha! — Type A, anyone?).

Be a good listener

When your spouse speaks, listen. Put down your book/phone/computer and actively listen. Make eye contact, listen more, ask questions and be attentive to their thoughts and needs. No one likes having a one-sided conversation so be an active listener and conversationalist.

Exercise Together

If you’re struggling to find time to connect, consider exercising together. A great way to get into a daily habit is to take advantage of the after-dinner window to walk and talk. We often have plop our kiddos into a stroller and let them take in the sights while my husband and I catch up on the days events and talk about whatever is on our minds. Those feel good endorphins are a great natural boost too.

People and relationships are happiest when they make meaningful connections with one another. While it can be easy to allow everyday distractions and general busy-ness to overtake our lives, I urge you to find makes to make time for one another daily.

With Wente Vineyards’ Make Time Pledge, they are encouraging you to take your commitment to make time for the activities, pursuits, and people in your life a step further by taking a 21 day pledge that will guide you in your #maketime journey with helpful tips and ideas along the way.

What would you like to #MakeTime for? 

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  1. Heather August 27, 2019 at 7:30 pm - Reply

    Life gets crazy sometimes and we forget how important it is to make time for one another.

  2. Emily Fata August 27, 2019 at 11:50 pm - Reply

    Staying connected with your spouse is so important to a marriage! Going on regular dates is such a great way to keep this love alive.

  3. Sarah Dudley August 28, 2019 at 8:02 am - Reply

    These are all great ideas and it’s so important that we make that time each day to reconnect. It’s too easy to let the days go by and then wonder when the distance happened. Ditch those phones and really talk to each other!

  4. Louise August 28, 2019 at 6:01 pm - Reply

    I think my significant other and I really need to take some time to do more together as we’ve fallen into the trap of being sort of passing ships in the night. I’ve bookmarked your post to remind myself 🙂

    Louise x

  5. Rachel Loza August 30, 2019 at 10:05 am - Reply

    I absolutely LOVE these tips. My husband and I have existed on separate schedules for the last few months and we’re just now finding time to reconnect again!

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