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2020 has been a year, huh? It’s only half way through and I feel like this may be the longest year ever. I can’t tell you how many times that I have to take a pause, take a deep breath and remind myself of all the things that I’m grateful for. While things certainly are not optimal and there have been so many challenges, there’s so much to be thankful for. I wanted to take a moment to send a sincere thanks to all the amazing essential and front line workers that have been pivotal during this challenging time.

Without our front line and essential workers, are lives would be so much more difficult during this rough period. I’m so incredibly grateful for all the workers who are diligently working and potentially putting themselves in harms way during this time to continue to allow us so have some semblance of normalcy, taking care of others and performing the every day jobs that ensure that we have our basic needs. I wanted to share a few simple ways that you can say “thank you” and share your appreciation for the hard-working essential and front-line workers. These ideas range from free to low-cost so there’s something for everyone!

With this virus ravaging through our nation for months, it’s so important to spread kindness and notes of thanks. This pandemic has created heaps of anxiety for everyone, but especially critical workers. Kindness and gratitude are free – so spread it like crazy! Let’s nurture and support each other instead of tearing down.

Simple Ways To Say Thank You To Essential Workers

Thank You Basket

Our UPS, USPS, FedEx and Amazon workers have been integral during this pandemic. Despite the risks, delivery workers are out there every single day delivering essentials to households and businesses. A simple way to say “Thank You” to these workers is putting together a basket of goodies to say thank you and brighten their day! A few ideas to include in your basket are:

Finding hand sanitizer in our local stores is nearly impossible to find lately so I was thrilled to learn about Muse Health. When I saw that Muse Health had a new and improved formula for their hand sanitizer – I had to stock up! Muse Health hand sanitizer is never tested on animals and made with quality ingredients, including glycerin and vitamins, to help prevent drying and to lock in moisture. It’s tough on bacteria without the drying or damaging effects that can sometimes happen with other hand sanitizers.

You can purchase them in single bottles, but I always prefer the multi-packs. The multi-packs of hand sanitizer (you can purchase 4, 8 or 12 packs) are discounted too for an even greater deal and a great option to stock up for our dedicated essential workers while also keeping my own family safer! One bottle for you and more to help thank you local essential and frontline workers!

You can purchase Muse Hand Sanitizer online and use code MUSEAMBER to save 20% through July 31st. Free and quick shipping with orders over $30! 


I’ve created an easily printable sign to make your own “Thank You” gift basket for your favorite delivery workers. Click the link below to download!


Signs of Gratitude

Make signs to share from the safety of your home to say thanks to essential and frontline workers! They can be as simple as a note on your door, to painting windows, to decorating your garage. It’s a simple and effective way to express your gratitude to those working hard to keep us all safe, happy and healthy.

Provide Meals (or Gift Cards)

Take one thing off their plate, and provide them lunch or dinner. Whether you want to send a gift card, order a few pizzas or a round of coffees to enjoy on their break, it’s great way to brighten their day.

Note: Before sending a meal, it may be a good idea to check with the workplace that it is allowed in their policies.

Reach Out

Do you have a neighbor or friend working hard every day? Send them a personal note of thanks and offer to help in any way that you can (socially distancing, of course).

Tip (and Tip Well)

Tip workers well! I’ve been so thankful for personal shoppers (like Shipt) who have made it possible to avoid shopping when I can. It’s a luxury to be able to stay home. Tip them gratuitous for their services! Same goes for service providers (hairdressers, servers) – many of them may not feel 100% comfortable being at their jobs right now or may have high risk family members that they’re worried about, but need to work!

Stay Home & Mask Up

One of the simplest ways to show appreciation: stay home when you can and if you’re out, put on a mask. It’s free and one of the easiest ways that you can show you care about others.

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