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Spring is finally making its arrival and I couldn’t be more happy! I’ve been spring cleaning, opening all the windows and switching over my hot coffee to one of my favorites: cold brew coffee!

There’s something so refreshing about cold brew coffee! Whether I’m taking it on the go, playing outside with my kiddos or whipping a special and decadent drink (like this s’more cold brew) for Sunday brunch, cold brew is always one of those drinks that just hits the spot. Ultra concentrated coffee and higher caffeine has me reaching for cold brew over my hot coffee once the weather warms up! I love switching up the flavors and drink concoctions and it’s made easy with Torani Flavors of the Month Syrups that are 10% off every month!

One of this month’s flavor of the month syrups is delicious Torani Toasted Marshmallow Syrup and I’m hooked! The rich marshmallow flavor combines seamlessly with cold brew coffee for the perfect amount of sweetness!

I’ve been using it to make s’more iced coffee or cold brew and it is hands down one of my favorite drinks! It’s loaded with so many of my favorite spring treat flavors: yummy Torani Toasted Marshmallow Syrup, rich cold brew, a generous topping of roasted marshmallows, graham cracker crumbles and a drizzle of Torani Puremade Chocolate Sauce for the finishing touch. And don’t worry if your kiddos are eyeing down your caffeinated creation because I’m sharing a kid-friendly s’more chocolate drink that they’ll be jonesing’ for too!

S’more cold brew is perfect for whipping up a fun family brunch, sipping on while you’re watching the kids hunt for Easter Eggs or for the perfect yummy treat! I reach for Torani Syrups often because I love that their ingredient list isn’t filled with questionable ingredients – they’re made with real, simple ingredients and natural flavors. Just one spoonful can transform your morning brew into something spectacular to start your morning with a little extra something.

Now that I have you hooked, grab the recipe below!

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S'more Cold Brew Iced Coffee
Prep Time 5 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
  1. Fill large mug with ice.
  2. Add coffee, Torani Toasted Marshmallow syrup and milk/cream. Mix well.
  3. Top with garnish of toasted marshmallow, whipped cream, crumbled graham crackers & chocolate sauce.
Recipe Notes

For a kid-friendly option, substitute cold brew coffee for chocolate milk or iced hot chocolate.

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For those wondering about how to make their own cold brew, there are several ways you can make it. First, you can easily buy it pre-made at the store. I prefer to make my own and I’m lucky enough to have a cold brew option on my coffee maker. For those that do not have that option, but want to make their own – – it’s easy to do at home!

You’ll need:

  • coarse ground coffee beans
  • cold water
  • jar
  • cheesecloth

To make:

  • Grind coffee beans into coarse grind (similar size as raw sugar)
  • Combine coffee grounds and cold water in jar (use 1 ounce of coffee – about 1/2 cup ground coffee – per 1 cup water)
  • Stir and steep for 12 hours
  • Line a strainer with cheesecloth and slowly pour cold brew mixture over cloth. Do not push or squeeze when straining.
  • Store cold brew in a clean jar.

Note: Brew will be strong and very concentrated. Many dilute with cold water. Add 1/2 cup water to each 1/2 cup cold brew. Dilute to your taste! I like my coffee strong, especially when sweetened, so I do not dilute much.


What’s your coffee of choice: cold brew or hot coffee?

Don’t forget to check out Torani to see all the delicious flavors they offer (don’t miss out on the 10% off too)!

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