A few weeks ago, Brielle started rolling over in her sleep and being that she was still being swaddled, it terrified me that she would find herself stuck face down. Immediately we stopped swaddling her and our restful nights ceased as well. Our once restful sleeper who was waking only once/twice a night to nurse and falling back to sleep immediately, was waking up every 45-60 minutes. I wanted to cry. I immediately envisioned another terrible sleeper (Aiden woke every 2 hours until he was a year old and never slept through the night consistently until 20 months old). I dreaded the thought of having another rough year of sleep.



I was finding that Brielle was waking herself at the 45-60 minute mark by splaying her arms out and since she was in a phase of light sleep (read more about baby sleep cycles here), she would wake every single time. Not only was she waking up after short periods of sleep, she was waking every time we laid her down. I felt defeated. After about 3 days of attempting over and over again to make non-swaddling work, I desperately did an online search at 3am. I stumbled onto the Zipadee-Zip website and reached out to them after reading about their sleep suits.

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The Zipadee-Zip, once featured on Shark Tank, is the perfect swaddle solution. The Zipadee-zip is a wearable blanket that still somewhat resembles the atmosphere of the womb. It kind of looks like an elongated starfish. The slight-resistance in the arm span is just enough to help prevent babies from waking themselves due to a startle complex and allows a sounder sleep. It’s small enough to prevent the startle, but roomy enough that baby can roll over easily and can even still use their hands to pick up pacifiers, toys, or even suck on the fabric/fingers (that’s what my little girl does). I love that there are so many adorable prints to choose from too, along with different fabric choices depending on the season.

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The day that it arrived in the mail, I practically skipped back from the mailbox with glee and hope. I was desperate for a good night of sleep. That night we did our normal bedtime routine, put her in the Zipadee-zip, I nursed her and she was out cold. YES! No fight to escape, no startling upon laying down, just pure, sweet sleep. I quickly passed out myself and was shocked to wake 6 HOURS later when she woke up for the first time. I was shocked (and felt so rested that I nearly could have been up for the day). We quickly nursed and fell back asleep for another 4 hours.




I couldn’t believe it. 

I thought maybe it was a fluke (I know, I’m a skeptic), but the nights that followed had the same pattern. I’m officially a Zipadee-Zip fan. I SO wished that we had purchased one of these for my son as I wonder if he would have helped him sleep better as a baby. When bedtime rolls around and we put on her Zippy, she immediately calms and knows that it’s time to sleep. I’ve recently began using them for naptime and we’re having success there too. I’ll definitely be sure to keep some larger sizes on hand for the next growth spurt.



If you are looking for a product to help with the swaddle transition, I definitely recommend getting a Zipadee-zip! The slight resistance in the arms “wing span” has made a world of difference in helping my baby sleep. Brielle loves it because it provides a cozy sleep atmosphere, but it’s still roomy enough for her to move and wiggle around. It’s a must have item for those babies who fight sleep!

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Disclaimer: I was sent this product to try and share my thoughts with my readers. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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