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While I love the holidays, they can be stressful and oh-so-busy! I’ve learned over the years that finding ways to simplify the pre and post-holiday craziness and planning is a total must. There are always a few things that I do to make my life easier around this time of year and I have a handful of products that can make life easier. 

Meal planning for the holidays is one of the most time-consuming things for our family and can become overwhelming if I let it. Below are a few of my favorite items to have stocked to simplify Thanksgiving and Christmas hosting and entertaining:

Easy to Prepare Foods

During Thanksgiving and Christmastime, I always make sure to keep my pantry stocked with lots of simple canned goods and foods so that I can easily make sides and last-minute meals for my family amidst all the chaos. We’ve been loving the new Butter Parmesan Sauce from RAGÚ®. This sauce is made with aged parmesan and real butter for a delicious buttery pasta dish that even my picky kiddos love. I love using my pressure cooker and making this tasty Real Deal 3 Minute Mac for a family-friendly quick meal and I’m adding it to my Thanksgiving menu for a simple side that doesn’t take up any oven space.

Y’all know that I live that veggie life, so we’ll have tons of delicious, healthy veggies at our table this holiday! Coconut oil is great for sautéing and baking. Nutiva Squeezable Organic Steam Refined Coconut Oil is a staple in our kitchen for any veggies that I need to sauté. It’s steam-refined, which means that there is no coconut flavor which makes it super versatile for using while cooking and a great healthy alternative for butter or other oils. We’ll be swapping out the typical green bean casserole with a roasted garlic and green bean dish with toasted almonds. Simple sauté green beans and minced garlic with Nutiva Coconut Oil and topped with almonds. You can basically add garlic, salt & pepper and sauté any veggie in coconut oil for a delish and simple side dish. So good and fresh!

The easy to squeeze pouches  makes it so simple for using and measuring (no having to scoop out messy spoonfuls from a container) and the squeezable pouch packaging is also more eco-friendly than glass or plastic jars. I’m a huge fan of using coconut oil as a butter & oil substitute when baking! Nutiva Squeezable Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is cold-pressed and has a slight coconut taste that is great option for baking. It adds a delicious flavor with healthier benefits!

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Healthy Snacks

Holidays mean lots of entertaining, constantly being on the go and being busy 24/7 so keeping healthier-for-you snacks available at all times can be so helpful! When shopping we pick up lots of fresh fruit, veggies and munchies that we can enjoy! These Chimichurri Baked Pea Crisps are so yummy and the organic pea base adds protein to each bite! It’s a great gluten-free option as well.

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Tried & True Cookbook

The holidays always make me feel like baking up a storm and having a cookbook with a wide range of delicious baked goods and desserts! Whether you’re in the mood for cake, galette, chocolate cake or more adventurous flavors (like Coconut and Passion Fruit Pound Cake), there’s something for every occasion and mood in The Joys of Baking Cookbook. I love the unique way in which recipes are organized by emotions and the desserts we sometimes long for in those periods. It’s charming, poignant and embodies the total cathartic experience that baking can stir up. Whether you’re in need of cheering up, celebrating being together as a family or baking an “I’m sorry” cake, The Joys of Baking is a must (and would make a fabulous gift idea).

What Thanksgiving dish is your favorite? 

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