I’m no newbie to blogging as I’ve been writing for years now, but this past year I’ve really taken it much more seriously and have been trying to carve out a little niche for myself in the blogosphere. I soon realized that there is so much more to this little “hobby” of mine than I ever realized and that it could even be a source of income. I won’t lie, I love writing in itself, but having being able to make money from something I love doing was a great bonus and motivator to get my blogging game on point.


For me, one of the things that I find I always struggle with is photography. I enjoy photography, but at times it can be really overwhelming. I have a great DSLR camera, but am still learning the in and outs of using it and struggle to find time to really dedicate to learning to use it (it doesn’t help that my local photography class was cancelled). I especially struggle with having bright and crisp photos, and being that it’s a gloomy fall here in Michigan and daylight is limited, taking bright photos in home can be so difficult at times.


The OttLite will be a game changer for me! Any blogger, especially those that take photos of products (accessories, beauty products, food, etc.), needs one of these great lights. The OttLite provides natural daylight illumination which shows colors more accurately, has no glare and allows you to see fine print and details more accurately. Most lamps tend to give a yellowish glow which is terrible for taking photos. The OttLite has such a clear light that you completely avoid the yellow cast seen from most lamps. The OttLite is the closest thing that I have found to a true natural daylight indoors (which gives the best lighting for photos). It allows truer colors in photos and much brighter and crisp pictures. I have a lightbox being delivered soon and I cannot wait to be able to pair this with the lightbox for optimal photos. This will save me so much time when it comes to fiddling with the camera and editing photos.


I chose the Color Spectrum LED Desk Lamp with USB for my workspace. I love that it is super lightweight and can moved easily to transport through the house for different photos. When I’m not using it for photo taking, it’s a perfect desk lamp with 3 different brightness settings to choose from depending on what I’m doing. The base has an awesome color changing option that uses touch control. The rubberized neck (adjustable 8.5 to 20.5 inches in height) can be moved to direct light to where you need it. The base also has a USB which is SO convenient for keeping my phone at hand and charged while working. The bright LED light reduces glare and eye strain so you can continue working longer and more comfortably. It’s truly a healthier option when it comes to lighting options and workplace productivity. If you are a crafter (beading, embroidery, scrapbook, model building) these would have to be essential item to have. I remember so many times straining to see in improper light and would have loved this in the past for crafting purposes.



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