No matter what I do I feel like we are always drowning in laundry. With two young kiddos, two active parents who exercise regularly, a dog, lots of cooking and lots of outdoor play, there is always a ton of laundry to do everyday. While I can’t seem to find a system to keep up with the laundry, I have found a product that certainly makes cleaning everything a whole lot easier. Espro Sports cleaner has been such a lifesaver for keeping our clothes clean and stain free!

We deal with stains on a daily basis. My daughter and son both refuse to wear bibs and are some of the messiest eaters that I know (thank goodness we have a dog because he makes cleanup much easier). Aside from just mealtime, we play outside and we play hard. Both Ryan and I work out regularly and sweat a lot. Basically, what I’m getting at is that we are sometimes messy and stinky people. We put our clothes through a lot and we need a cleaner that can handle that.

This post has been sponsored by Espro Sports Cleaner. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I would never recommend a product that I don’t enjoy and use personally.

Grass stains, mud, oil, food, blood, sweat, ring around the collar, wine, you get my gist. Espro Sports Cleaner is great for taking out all of these stains and it does it easily. I’ve been putting it to the test and I have to say that I’m impressed. Espro Sports Cleaner is an environmentally friendly (contains no bleach, butyl, or phosphates) stain remover, but also is an odor remover and can be used to treat car upholstery (ugh, thank goodness after sippy cup leaks) or carpet stains. It’s so effective that it’s used by over 100 collegiate and professional sports programs.

I tested it on our most common stains: grass, lipstick/gloss, oil, mud, wine and so on! Almost all the stains were taken out! The only stubborn one was mustard and it was significantly lighter.

There are many times that our stained clothes may sit there for a week (or two if I’m being honest) before I finally get to washing them. Although I try to be good about applying stain treater right away, I don’t always get to it until a few minutes before I’m throwing the laundry in. I simply spray Espro cleaner, let sit for a few minutes, throw in and wash. For super intense stubborn stains I try to let sit overnight. Viola, stain free clothes! I love how well it takes out grass stains and mud since my kids are constantly getting those stains.

One of my favorite things about Espro is using it on our workout gear. With our old current wash routine, I felt like it never got quite 100% clean. I’ve been spraying Espro on the armpit areas where stink lingers and it’s made a huge difference. It serves great for those times that you need a little refresh on clothes between washes as well.

Espro is easy to find in your local Walmart, can be purchased on Amazon or bought on Espro Sports Cleaners website (they have a lot of great deals and free shipping).

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