As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to notice changes to my skin (especially postpartum). For years, I used the same products over and over, but I’ve found that as my skin changes I need to adapt the products that I use. As we age our hormones shift which causes significant changes in which the body functions, including your skin. To look flawless and fierce at every age, there are skincare products to address to the amount of candles on our birthday cake. 😉


ARK Skincare is an award winning British based company (featured in Elle and Glamour and many other magazines) that has perfected their products to provide unique skin treatments for every age. ARK Skincare has products that are age targeted into the following age segments: 20s, 30s-40s, and 50s upwards. The result is a highly effective age-specific skin care regimen for every individual that nourishes, protects, defends and defy the affects of aging of our skin.


For the purposes of this review, I was sent ARK Age Defend Replenishing Moisturiser and Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque from BrandBacker.  The Replenishing moisturizer is formulated for those of us in our 30’s and 40’s and the Hydration Injection Masque can be used for all ages.

The Age Defend line is specially formulated for your 30’s and 40’s:

During this phase, our skin is starting to show signs of aging as fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear and some of us notice sensitivity as we encounter more external and internal stresses. It’s time to defend the integrity of the skin with vital nutrients and greater antioxidant protection.

Age Defend boosts elasticity and minimizes irritation for a calm, supple complexion.

Age Defend Replenishing Moisturiser (1.7 oz at $70)is thick and supple to apply. It rubs in easily without leaving a greasy residue or appearance. This best selling moisturizer with co-enzyme Q10, moisturizing agents shea butter and olive oil and is packed with peptides to smooth out the appearance of wrinkles and vanish early signs of aging. I’ve been applying this in the morning (after using MyChelle Perfect C Serum) and in the evening (after use of Pixi Toner and MyChelle Retinal Serum). I feel as though my skin is more supple and nourished skin without any signs of irritation or breakouts (some moisturizers make me break out a bit).

The Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque (2.5 oz at $70) is unique compared to other masks because it is left on the skin for varying times, depending on your age. This intense multivitamin hydration injection masque quenches skin and restores vibrancy. Essential vitamins for skin health (Vitamin A, B5, C and E) are paired with Hyaluronic Acid Booster, Sugar Beet and Abyssinian Oil to intensely nourish skin for more youthful, smooth and glowing skin.

For my age bracket, I left the masque on my skin for 10 minutes and then washed off with a warm cloth. It has a very pleasant scent and left my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. I’ve been suffering from lots of dry skin with being outside so much this hot summer. It definitely helped alleviate my dryness. There is an option to leave the mask on overnight for an intensive treatment and I definitely plan to do this sometime in the near future.


If you’re looking for a skincare line that is highly specified for your age, ARK Age Aware Skincare is definitely worth checking out.

Thanks to Brandbacker for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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