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While I’m not a huge resolution setter, I do love taking the beginning of a new year to reflect on the past year. Over the past few years my mindset has really changed when it comes to setting goals and instead I’ve realized that every day is a new day and if you want to make a change, you can do so whenever you choose to do so. You don’t need a specific day of the year to finally make the jump.

With that said, there is something inspiring and contagious with the group mindset of improving oneself this time of year. After the holiday hoopla and getting over the hump of winter dreariness, I think that many of us get a little extra pep in our step and a little oomph to really start getting our goals and intentions into action. You can feel that buzz in the air as many take the initiative to resolve to take better care of themselves. And I LOVE IT!

To make changes stick, one of the most important things is making sure to have support along the way. Having a solid group of friends & family that encourage and keep you mindful of your goal is so helpful. Share those goals and find others that are working towards similar goals and keep each other accountable.  Making a plan of how to get from A to B is another goal setting must. Without a plan, a goal is just a wish. Make a plan, put it into action and you’ll feel so much more confident when it comes to reaching those milestones (I have a whole post here about how to set, thrive and succeed at your goals).

I’ve had some health and wellness goals that I’ve been wanting to elevate and grow. Below are a few of my goals and intentions that I’m taking into 2020, as well as a few products and tools that I’m using along the way.

More Mindful Movement

I have a pretty consistent vinyasa and ashtanga yoga practice which I don’t plan on changing anytime soon, but I do want to work on adding more types of movement to my practice. Specifically, I want to work on adding more restorative yoga to my practice, as well as making sure to get a daily outdoor walk too. Music is a big motivator for getting me moving and I love my Aeropex from Aftershokz. If you’ve been around long enough, you know that I love Aftershokz products and the new Aeropex open-ear headphones (use bone conduction to transmit sound) are the best! They’re so lightweight, comfortable, sweat-proof and stay in place so you can focus on your movement instead of fiddling with headphones that don’t stay in place. Another huge bonus: the open ear concept is so much safer so you can hear your surroundings – I use them while cycling and love that I can hear everything that’s going on around me too.

Save $50 off an Endurance Aeropex bundle with code: RESET50. Code valid 1/6/2020 thru 3/6/2020.

Stick to a Nighttime Skin Routine

This is kind of embarrassing to even admit, but I’m the worst with washing my face before bed. I know that it’s terrible for my skin, but most nights I’m just ready to collapse into bed and just use a makeup wipe (and let’s be honest, those don’t really clean all that well). In reality, I could cut down my Instagram scrolling and simply head to bed 10 minutes earlier. To get into the habit, I’m starting a super simple skincare routine with Alpha Skin Care products. I’ve set a timer on my phone to let me know it’s time to shut down and start my bedtime routine.

I’m starting with three of Alpha Skin Care best-selling products. The introductory kit is super affordable and a great way to try the following products:

Refreshing Face Wash

  Gently cleanses ( with Citric Alpha Hydroxy Acid) without over-drying skin

  Gently removes make-up and skin impurities

10% AHA Essential Renewal Lotion

  Reduces the appearance of lines & wrinkles

  Helps to support collagen production

  Evens skin tone and texture

Essential Facial Moisturizer

  Hydrates and nourishes skin

  Helps to prevent the appearance of lines and wrinkles

  Leaves skin feeling healthy, soft and smooth

So far I’ve really enjoyed using the products (love that there isn’t an overpowering scent either). My skin feels smooth, moisturized and more toned.

Readers can use code Babble20 for 20% off all Alpha Skin Care purchases through 4/15/20.

Healthy Sleep Habits

I’m always working on improving sleep habits and quality of my sleep. I’ve had trouble for years with falling asleep in a reasonable period of time. I’ve had years of tossing and turning while waiting for my brain to slow down and body to settling. Adding CBD products to my bedtime routine has been so helpful! CBD Nighttime Gummies from CBDistillery™ combine the highest quality hemp-derived CBD (30mg) with the natural calming properties of melatonin (1.5mg) to help lull me to sleep. I find that the time it takes to fall asleep has decreased and I’m having a deeper sleep (and can fall asleep much quicker in the middle of the night after my kiddos wake me up too).

They also have Full Spectrum CBD Softgels for daily use. CBD is an adaptogen and it can take time and consistency for full effects to be felt, but I’ve had so many friends that have loved how the addition of CBD to their daily routine made them feel.

Use the code: NEWYEARNEWME to get a 20% discount.

Use My Voice For Good

One thing that I’ve been called to is to use my social media platforms to help share about organizations and causes that are important to me. Childhood physical exercise and obesity is something that is important to me. It’s so important to encourage children into healthy habits, youth sports and finding joy in fitness early in life as there are SO many amazing benefits to being active in youth sports. The National Endowment for Youth Sports (NEYS) is a great organization that focuses on making sports accessible for all youth in America including girls, children with disabilities and children in economically distressed regions of the country. It’s so important to be inclusive to all children when it comes to youth sports, regardless of socioeconomic status, disabilities, race, sex, etc.

I’ve taken the American Youth Sports Pledge to help NEYS spread the word about the vital importance of youth sports in children’s lives. The NEYS ensures that programs supporting and facilitating youth sports have the resources needed to allow young people nationwide the opportunity to experience all that youth sports can offer – now that’s something I can get behind!

To sign the pledge and to learn more about NEYS, click here.

Find More Work/Life Balance

This is something that I am constantly working on and likely will always be a work in progress as life and priorities continuously shift. Navigating my own business while working from home, taking care of my kids, maintaining strong relationships, staying active & eating healthy, amongst other things can be overwhelming and guilt-ridden at times.

I’ve really been enjoying reading Buddha’s Office: The Ancient Art of Waking Up While Working Well by Dan Zigmond. Buddha’s Office utilizes Buddha’s wisdom to help you work smarter and more enlightened for a healthy modern working life. Finding the right way to navigate all of these everyday responsibilities in the right way for me, my health and sanity is a must and I’m hopeful that I can apply some of these great teachings to find more mindfulness and peace of mind in the daily chaos.

Utilize Natural Energy

I’m always interested in supplements and how they can improve or support my lifestyle. I’ve heard so much about the benefits of MCT oil and powders and am so excited to try these new products from Nutiva. MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) provide clean energy, boost metabolism and enhance mental clarity. The MCT’s in Nutiva products are made from organic coconuts and are perfect for adding to coffee, shakes and smoothies for a boost any time of day (Nutiva MCT powder is a creamy alternative to Nutiva Organic MCT Oil). I’ve been adding MCT oil to my morning coffee for a more lasting energy boost to help me have more productive and energized mornings.

Use code: NEWYEARBOXX30 for 30% off MCT products (through 3/31/2020). One use per customer (can’t be combined with other discounts).

Tame Tummy Troubles

After the holidays I’ve started a daily probiotic supplement to help aid in digestive support. I’ve also added Stomach Settles Drops from UpSpring for occasional digestive upset. UpSpring Stomach Settle Drops are the natural, fast-acting solution for nausea and digestive upset, as well as motion sickness, morning sickness (not happening here 😂), and beyond. Made with ginger, lemon, spearmint and vitamin B6 for a natural way to battle nausea, gas, bloating and other stomach discomforts. I love all things ginger and keep these in my purse to use as needed.

You can find UpSpring at Walmart and Target in the digestive aisle.

Did you set any New Years Goals or Intentions?

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