I hope everyone had an amazing holiday with their family. Ours was absolutely wonderful! It was filled with lots of laughs and love with family, fabulous food, lovely presents and many memorable moments. I’ve always loved Christmas, but celebrating Christmas with children is just so special and magical. I loved seeing their eyes light up at the presents and surprises, amazement at all the beautiful Christmas lights and seeing their bond grow with extended family.

Our children received so many wonderful and fun gifts and I wanted to share a bit about a few of the toys that they love. I’ve been a fan of Manhattan Toys for some time now. They have high quality and safety standards for their toys and most of their wood toys are made from sustainable wood as well. Many of their toys are champions for encouraging creative and imaginative play which is so important, yet not standard in many traditional toys nowadays.

One of Brielle’s favorite toys is her Wee Baby Stella Sweet Scents Birthday Set from Manhattan Toys. These dolls are the perfect first doll since they are so soft and have the cutest features. With the Birthday Stella Doll, it has a sweet vanilla scent that is released with every hug. When she brought it close to her for a hug, you could see the surprise on her face when she noticed that it smelled so delicious. I love the magnetic pacifier and sweet cupcake that is so easy for small hands to use (no fuss either to get them to stay during play with the magnets). I definitely see this as one of her favorite toys already as she carries it around with her. Her older brother has been sneaking it away too, as you can see below. I love that there are so many additional dolls and accessories that you can add to your collection too (like a bassinet, feeding set and play gym).





Aiden is thoroughly enjoying his MiO Sleeping Set. This all wooden doll house set is perfect for early imaginative and open-ended play. I love the simplicity of these toys and that they are battery and noise free (I cannot be the only one that has an affinity for quiet and calm toys, right?).  Aiden spent at least 30 minutes playing independently with this toy earlier today, putting the bean bag dolls to sleep and building chairs and sofas for the home. It’s so fun to watch and listen to him make up scenes and dialogue while he is playing. The MiO line of toys also includes an eating, camping, woodland, car, bus and more so you can continuously grow their collection.





What was your child’s favorite toy this year?

Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I only recommend products that my family truly love and enjoy.

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