Must-Know Winter Skin Tips


Dry and cool winter air can be rough on skin. During these cold months, you may need to refresh your skin care routine.  These tips will keep skin hydrated and glowing during the winter months. 


Gentle Cleansing

Gently cleansing skin keeps skin healthy and helps it retain moisture, A gentle cleanser should clean without stripping moisture, 

Dr. Zenovia Bakuchiol Hydrating Cleanser is my favorite during the cool months. 



Lock in hydration with a rich moisturizer. Look a combination of an emollient to protect skin and humectant to add moisture. 

My favorite barrier-enhancing cream to dramatically increase hydration levels in the skin for a firmer, plumper look.



It may be dreary, but you still need a quality SPF to protect your skin from UV light. Aim for an SPF of at least 30 or higher. 

Lightweight & non-greasy! 


Use a Humidifier

The constant dry air from the furnace can be incredibly drying to skin. A humidifier adds moisture to the air for less dry, itchy skin.

Aside from skin health, a humidifier is also wonderful for treating dryness of throat nose and lips.


DEcrease Water Temperature

While steamy showers feel great, they further dry out skin. Aim for lukewarm baths and showers and follow up with a quality moisturizer. 

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