Ways to practice gratitude daily


Practicing gratitude has immense effects for your wellbeing and happiness! From improving mental health, boosting personal relationships, better moods - living with gratitude helps you to notice the little wins and moments in your life. 

Noticing the little wins - such as sunny mornings, an unexpected compliment, or your hot morning coffee all combine to create a sense of well-being. Noticing and acknowledging these moments create an intimate web that over time helps to strengthen your ability to see the positive in life. 

The following gratitude exercises and activities are great ways to practice and enhance your gratitude. These simple tips can help to rewire your brain for more joy and less stress  to allow you to focus on gratitude


Start a gratitude journal

Taking a few moments a day to reflect and jot down the people, things, moments and emotions you are grateful for can help to create more moments of gratitude in your daily life. 

This journal includes insightful prompts to inspire your gratitude practice. 


Gratitude Tree

Your write something you are grateful for on each lead to create a visual reminder of what you are grateful for. This is a wonderful exercise to do with children.

This is great gratitude practice to do in spring or Thanksgiving.


Adapt a Grateful Mindset

Those who practice gratitude often have a mindset that embraces not what good they can do, but the good that happens to them or on their behalf. They cultivate a mindset of appreciation and abundance.


Gratitude Meditation

Adding gratitude meditations to your routine is a great way to cultivate more gratefulness. There are some wonderful guide practices available online (the Calm app is wonderful). 


Use Your Senses

Focusing on your senses is a wonderful way to anchor yourself to the present moment. Notice the ability to touch, see, smell, taste, and hear for a unique way to appreciate the wonder of being human. 


Express Gratitude to Others

Sharing gratitude to others, through verbal or written expressions can strengthen relationships & show appreciation while cultivating gratitude for others. 

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