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7 Ways To Use a Yoga Strap

A yoga strap can be such a great tool to deepen and explore poses in your yoga practice.  This inexpensive yoga prop can be used to help strengthen muscles, improve alignment ,improve your flexibility and range of motion. 

Yoga straps can provide additional length and support to experiment with different or deepened poses, while preventing you from overextension or sacrificing alignment. 


Click though for 7 ways to use a yoga strap to help you deepen your flexibility, improve mobility and alignment and for strengthening. 

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Shoulder Rotation Stretch

This pose will stretch the muscles of the rotator cuff and improve shoulder mobility. On an inhale keep arms straight and rise above head. On exhale, lower the strap behind your back. Inhale to bring back overhead. Repeat.

Side (Half Moon) Shoulder Stretch 

On an inhale, raise the strap above your head. On exhale, reach over to the left while bringing right tricep near your left ear. Bring back to center on an inhale  and repeat on other side.

seated forward fold

Use the strap to gently pull yourself deeper into the fold (keep elbows in) while being mindful to fold at the hips. Keep back straight for a more active pose. 

Reclined hand to big toe

This pose allows you more space to focus on alignment and less overextension. Loop strap around your foot to gently stretch leg toward head. Option to open leg away from your midline.

Cow Face

A strap is a great tool for cow face pose as it provides additional length and support when working towards the bind. Gently tip toe fingers closer to each other using the strap.

Extended Side Angle Bind

Straps are a great tool when working towards binded poses. Use the strap to open chest and shoulders to improve mobility to work towards  a bind in this pose. 

Supported lunge King Pigeon Variation

From supported lunge, reach back and hook your yoga strap on your back foot. Gently pull on strap to deepen stretch in the chest, shoulders, quads and hip flexors.