9 Affordable Must-Have Essentials For a Home Gym

Having a home gym can save you time, money and makes exercising easy & convenient. Creating a home gym and personal studio right home can be easy with a few simple purchases. 


Home Gym Essentials

A mat can be used for yoga, pilates, stretching or bodyweight exercises. It'll provide cushioning and grip, especially when you get super sweaty. 

A Mat

Resistance bands will help you break a sweat as they are super versatile and affordable. Great to build strength and get a full body workout.

Resistance Bands


Kettlebells are great for toning, strengthening and can be a great addition to cardio exercises. I love this adjustable set for ease of storing and versatility.

TRX System

TRX resistance training systems are great for both push and pull motions. Most are easy to set up and there are countless exercises that target the entire body. Great for small spaces! 

Jumping rope isn't just for kids! Jump roping is a great affordable option for cardio and takes up little space.

Jump Rope

Dumbbells offer a lot of variety for your workouts, especially when body-weight exercises don't cut it anymore. Adjustable sets are space-saving for those with limited space.


Add some heat to your body-weight exercises or when walking with these adjustable ankle and wrist weights. 

Ankle / Wrist Weights

Stationary Bike

If you have the room and budget, a stationary bike can be great for cardio workouts from home. They're low impact and there are many fun apps to sync your rides too.

Foam Roller

Give your body some TLC after your tough workouts. Foam rollers can be used to help release tight muscles and trigger points to aid in recovery.