Bedtime Sleep Tips

For a more restful sleep.

A healthy and meaningful pre-bedtime wind down routine can do wonders for helping you lull off to sleep faster and help provide a more restful and deep sleep.

Why Have a Bedtime Routine?

–- Gives your overactive mind time to settle and calm. – A consistent routine trains your body and mind to prepare for sleep.  – Bedtime routines decrease worry and stress

Why Is a Bedtime Routine Important?

Bedtime Wind Down Routine & Tips for Adults

When you adhere to a regular bedtime, your body and brain naturally begins to prepare for sleep several hours before bedtime which allows you to fall asleep quicker.

Consistent Sleep & Wake Times

Limit caffeine intake from 6 hours before your bedtime to eliminate the caffeine from your body.

Nix The Caffeine

Electronics are stimulating and the blue light emitted from devices decreases the release of melatonin, which is a key hormone in helping make you feel sleepy.

Say No To Electronics