Family Guide For Cedar Point

amusement park!

Things to do, check out and tips for Cedar Point with kiddos:




Rides for all heights, ages and thrill levels.

Fast Lane

Parent Swap




Special events & shows


Money saving food tips

Rides For all Heights & Ages

Cedar Point has so many rides that there is literally something for everyone in your family! 


The Magic Height

For many of the larger roller coasters, 48 inches is the magic height, but they also have several great roller coasters for little ones too (our youngest was able to ride 3 of them).


Fast Lane wristbands allow you to skip the regular line on more than 20 rides & attractions. You can use it all day long. Make sure to buy them ahead of time as only so many are allowed to be sold in a day.


parent swap


Parent swap is a great way to ride some of the height-restricted rides and attractions, even if your kids can’t ride yet.  Parents switch turns riding at the gate (one stays with kids) so each parent gets a chance to ride.


Cedar Park Shores Waterpark is huge  with lots of opportunities for family fun. From splash-pads for the littlest ones, lazy rivers, waterslides, lagoons and drop slides there is so much to do!


special events & shows

There are always fun celebrations and special events year-round for something new to check out every time.


Terrain Map

Be sure to check out the petting zoo and Snoopy shows too. Shows occur throughout the day that make for a great chance to rest or grab a treat as you watch them sing, dance and play

Money Saving Food Tips!

One of my favorite things is trying all the foods! Cedar Point has a little of everything and so many fun treats to try!


I highly recommend taking advantage of the dining and drink plans! It’s one of the easiest ways to save money and stay fueled for your adventure filled visit.