Hidden Gem:  Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park

Dashed Trail

Mackinaw City Destination 

Mackinaw City is a great family-friendly destination with so many things to do in the area. Whether you take in the local history at the historic parks, enjoy the coastline or venture to Mackinac Island, the options are endless.

Dashed Trail
Dashed Trail

Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park has something for all ages!  If in the Mackinaw area, Mill Creek Discovery Park should be a must-stop, especially for families!  

Dashed Trail
Dashed Trail

Immersive History lessons

The reconstructed sawmill is at one of the oldest industrial sites on the Upper Great Lakes. Smell the sawdust as sawyers demonstrate the pit saw method of cutting lumber...

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...then feel the power of the creek used to cut timber inside the reconstructed sawmill.

Hiking Trails

Enjoy 3 miles of picturesque hiking trails or catch a live guided nature walk. 

Dashed Trail

Adventure Tour

For those 48" and 50+ pounds, adding the adventure tour is a must!  Enjoy a high flying trek with 3 different adventurous offerings.

Eagle Flight Zip Line

Fly through the treetops on the 425' zip line. 

Forest Canopy Bridge

Walk over a suspension bridge and enjoy the view of Northern Michigan forest canopy. 

Treetop Discovery Tower

Rock climb your way safely to the top of the 50' tower! Once done, take the stairs up the tower for a breathtaking view.