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How To Cope When The News Makes You Stressed & Overwhelmed

When there is a lot going on in the world/news, especially when it's heavy or sad, it can really take a toll on our health. 

The constant feeling of needing to stay updated can become overwhelming, while upsetting news can cause us to become overly stressed & anxious.


Upsetting news can trigger your "fight or flight" response. This response can be used for good, but keeping it from spiraling out of control is important for your health.

When the news is stressing you out, these tips will help you stay balanced and engaged without being overwhelmed...

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Limit your Exposure

Check in once or twice a day (avoid it upon waking and before bed) for updates. Find reputables sources for news that avoid sensationalizing news and opinions.

Stop the Scroll

Doom-scrolling, or feeling the need to see/read every detail, can spiral you into a timesuck and be overwhelming. Put down the phone, get some fresh air and check in at set times. 

Check Your Feelings

Take note of how you feel before and after viewing the news. Feeling sad? Maybe you need a break. If you find yourself tense while watching, take a break. 

Control What You can

While you may not be able to change the outcome, there are things you can do. Control what and who you view, how you engage and your actions.  Remind yourself of what you can control.

Take ACtion

Do something! Nothing soothes the soul more than taking action, even if it's small steps.  Volunteer, donate, spread kindness.. 

Stay connected without feeling tied to the news 24/7. It's important to be aware without sacrificing your health at the same time.

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