How To Use Blocks In Your Yoga Practice

Yoga blocks can be incredibly helpful for modifying and intensifying your yoga practice. Blocks can make poses more accessible, add support, deepen postures, add challenge and correct alignment.

Why Use Yoga Blocks?

Under forehead & tailbone: offers support for hips & neck. Massage third eye. Under elbows: Deepens for intense chest and shoulder opening. 

Child's Pose

Under palms: Helps to decrease pressure on wrists. Under feet: Beneficial to deepen posture. 

Downward Facing Dog

Under hands: More accessible for those with tight hamstrings.  Under feet: Allows you to deepen posture for an intensified stretch.

Standing Forward Fold

Under sacrum: Increases spine extension while offering support. ⬆ challenge by lifting a leg or bringing a leg to chest. Between Thighs: Helps strengthen & improve alignment. Add hip raises for challenge. 


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