LASER HAIR REMOVAL: Everything You Need To Know

FDA-approved lasers targets hair follicles to stop it from ever growing hair again. The laser is placed on the skin and a pulse is given which damages the root of the hair so it can never grow back again.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The laser pulses feel similar to a small rubber band being snapped on your skin, Many places will use a cooling spray to help with discomfort  (and it’s so much less painful than waxing!).

Does It Hurt?

The average person will have smooth, stubble-free success in 7 to 10 treatments (treatments usually occur every 5 weeks). Each session takes about 10 minutes depending on where you are having hair removed.

How Long Does It Take?

– Legs – Underarms – Bikini or Brazilian – Lip and/or chin – Back Hair – Shoulders – Chin – Abdomen – Feet – Neck – And more 

Where Can You Get Hair Removed?

The price of hair removal can vary depending on the area you are treating. I recommend purchasing a package from somewhere that offers a per area price rather than price for each laser session. Some spas offer lifetime guarantees too!  

How Much Does It Cost?

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