Peppermint pairs perfectly with matcha for a refreshing latte! Made with only a few ingredients. 

This lightly sweetened latte is a perfect any time of day pick-me-up! 

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Gather Your Ingredients

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Prep Time:  1 Min

- 2 tsp matcha powder - 1/4 cup room temperature water - 3/4 cup of milk, frothed - 1/4 tsp peppermint extract - 1 tsp maple syrup - crushed peppermint

Cook Time: 3 Min


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In a mug, mix hot water and matcha powder. Using a whisk, electric mixer or fork, mix together until bubbles start to form.

Step 2

Add mint extract and maple syrup and stir.

Step 2

Heat and froth milk and pour warm milk into cup with matcha

Top with crushed peppermint.