4 MINDFULNESS Activities for kids

Why Is Mindfulness Important For Kids?

Teaching children mindfulness allows them to cultivate the tools and skills needed for stress management, coping with difficulties and builds confidence. 

Mindfulness Benefits for Kids:

- Increased focus, attention, self-control, compassion. - Decreased stress, depression and anxiety. - Improved school performance, conflict resolution & well-being.

These kid-friendly mindfulness activities are great for kids of all ages.

1. Glitter JAr

A glitter filled jar represents the mind settling and is great for when a child is angry, upset or nervous

When your child is nervous or upset...

have them shake the glitter jar and then sit quietly and still as they watch the glitter settle. Add some mindful, deep breaths as the glitter settles. 

How To Make a Glitter Jar:

Use a water bottle (or mason jar) and fill the bottle with water. Add glitter and tighten the lid tightly. Adding a few drops of glycerin can help to slow the fall of the glitter. 


This activity focuses on belly breathing. Have a child place a stuffed toy on their belly and watch as it moves up and down as they breathe. 

3. tense & release

This is a wonderful nighttime activity that uses progressive muscle muscle tension to release the tension of the day and grounds children to their physical body. 


at the feet, by tightening the muscles (point toes up and then release down). Next tighten calves, moving to thighs and continuing upward to your neck. Hold each spot of tension 5 seconds and then gently release.

4. heartbeat awareness 

This activity focuses on body sensations (such as heartbeat & breathing). Have your child jump up & down for a minute. At the end, have them place their hand on their chest. 

Guide them to feel their heart rate and breathing. This activity allows them to tune into their body and refocus.  This is a great exercise for stressed or anxious kids to help cultivate calm.