Peanut-Free Snacks for School

Many schools and preschools have moved to becoming nut-free zones. Don't worry, I'm sharing a list of great peanut-free snacks that are yummy and nutritious! 

Peanut-Free Snack Ideas for School...

Popcorn is a great allergen friendly salty snack option. There so many different flavors and it's easy to pack too. 

Cheese is a great filling snack that packs protein too. String cheese, cubes, & slices, are all great options. Pair with dried fruit for an extra boost of nutrition. 

Crackers have lots of options: cheddar, sandwiches (skip the PB ones), Goldfish and Cheez-it's are all great choices. 

Puffs come in many varieties: corn, chickpea, rice, pasta, wheat and many flavors!

Hard-boiled eggs are perfectly portable and a great filling snack.

Yogurt is always a favorite! Add in fresh fruit and nut-free granola if you'd like. 

Fresh fruit and veggies! Pre-cut early in the week for healthy and nutritious nut-free snacks all week.

Pudding cups are a fun peanut-free treat that are easy to package and available in large amounts.

Fruit snacks and fruit leathers are another great option. Look for low-sugar varieties. 

Applesauce cups or pouches are delicious and kid-friendly. 

Dried fruit, such as raisins, apple slices, banana, mango and more are a delicious treat. Pair with a protein to be more filling. 

Pretzels are nut-free and satisfy that salty craving! 

There are many nut-free granola bar options available. Read labels carefully for allergen information.

You have options!

While it can feel overwhelming at first, there are many healthy and nutritious peanut-free snacks to choose from. 

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