RV Camping Must-Have  Items

the best gadgets & products that you need

Let's Go Camping!

RV camping is a great way to explore the great outdoors with the comforts of home! These are a few of my favorite items to make RV travel fun, easier and more enjoyable!

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At Least 2 Drinking Hoses

Having several drinking hoses, is a must (at least 75'). At some sites, your water hookup may not be close to your camper, so having a longer hose gives you flexibility.

Sewer Hose

When choosing a hose, aim for 15-20 feet. A clear elbow sewer connector makes it easy to see when dumping is done. Don't forget disposable gloves too.

RV Mat

RV mats are a must to prevent dirt and sand from getting into your camper. These mats are lightweight and allow water to dry quickly too.

Folding Grill Table 

Add additional prep space when cooking outside. This one has plenty of storage space and large top that fits a griddle.


A small tool kit is great to have for  minor repairs. A drill is great to have for a quick stabilizer set up (you'll beed a 3/4" socket adapter too).

Cooking Appliances

My must-have gadgets for easy food prep are an Instant Pot and Griddle. Easy to use and clean with lots of recipe options!

Picnic Table Covers

Picnic table covers are great for throwing on dirty picnics tables and make clean up a breeze.

Lightweight Vaccuum

Having a small and lightweight vaccuum makes keeping your camper clean easy. This one takes up minimal space.


You can never have enough light, We love the solar and battery backup combos. Thermacell options also repel mosquitos.

Command Hooks

Command hooks are great for  additional storage space. Whether hanging towels, kitchen tools, shoes or more, they have countless uses.

Campfire Cooking

The best part of camping is bonfires so having campfire cooking tools is a must. From campfire grates, to cast iron cookers, there are so many great choices.


An oscillating fan is great for keeping air flowing through your camper. Theserechargeable fans are great for adding to kids bunks too.

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