Getting Started

It is not always easy to get started when it comes to running your first 5k because it can often feel overwhelming or hard to get started. Once many get started, they get hooked and continue on with the sport.

Keep Going

There is a reason that so many get addicted to running and enjoy the competitiveness of racing. Many people experience feel-good post-race endorphins, or what’s often called a “runner’s high”, and the feeling of meeting and surpassing your goals is a huge mood and confidence booster.

The following TIPS will help you feel more prepared and ready for your first 5k...

Warm-up and Cool Down

Do a 5-minute warm up and light stretching before running. This warm up allows your body physically and mentally to be prepared to run at a higher intensity.

Cool Down

You should also cool down at the end of your workout to help your heart rate decrease to avoid light-headedness and dizziness. A 2 minute walk and yoga stretches are a great way to cool down after running.

Practice running short distances

Start with doing short distances of less than two miles, preferably at an even pace for 30 minutes or more if possible, then gradually increase that distance as time progresses.

Build Endurance

Doing intervals can help you build stamina because they offer rest periods during which your heart rate decreases substantially while still maintaining some aerobic activity overall.

Anchor Your Run

This is where you decide what pace/distance you want to focus on during that particular run. This will help give your body an idea of how long it needs to prepare itself mentally and physically before running these distances under race conditions.

Accountability partner

It can be hard to keep up the motivation when you’re running by yourself. Find someone who is also running a 5k and make a plan for your runs together – it will feel like less of an effort!

set goals

The excitement that comes with reaching goals motivates people more than anything else, so set some smaller ones that help you reach your larger overall goal!

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