Ways to use Stasher Bags in the Kitchen


One of my favorite tools in the kitchen are reusable food-grade silicone Stasher bags and bowls.  They have endless uses and can be used to store, freeze, organize or cook (microwave, dishwasher, freezer, oven, and can be boiled).

Using Stashers saves time, money and helps the planet. These hacks will save you time in meal prepping while also reducing food waste and preventing the use of single-use plastics as well.

Keep reading for meal prep and kitchen hacks that will save you time, money and reduce waste. Here are 10 ways to use Stashers in the kitchen to save time, money and the planet! 

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Make Smoothie Packs

Instead of throwing away overripe fruit, freeze it into ready-to-use smoothie packs! Add precut fruit into bags, & freeze. Pour frozen fruit into blender, add liquid & enjoy! 


Easy on-the-go meals

Save money by making your own lunch to go! The bowls are perfect for making quinoa or rice bowls. Add ingredients and heat/shake when ready to eat. 


Pack School Snacks

Skip the pre-packaged snacks and use snack-sized Stasher bags. Way less packaging waste too - plus you can write cute messages on them too.


Store Fresh Fruit & Veggies

Fruit and vegetables stay fresh longer when you properly clean and store them. As soon as I buy berries, I rinse, cut and toss them in a Stasher bag in the fridge. 


Steam Vegetables 

Stashers can be used in the oven, microwaved and boiled, they have so many cooking uses. One of the most common ways I use them is for easily steaming vegetables.


Bulk Storage

Buying in bulk can be a great way to save money and reduce packaging waste. For grains, the large 8-cup bowls are great. For nuts, the stand-up mid bags are my favorite as they stand on their own and have a wide seal.


portion frozen meals

Portion leftovers into individual servings that can be frozen and pulled out for a quick meal. 


Freeze leftover herbs

Don’t let leftover herbs go bad in the fridge. Herbs can easily be frozen to be used in recipes later.


rehydrate stale bread

You can easily rehydrate hard, stale bread using a Stasher bag and your oven. Find all the details below. 


make popcorn

Skipped the store-bought microwaveable popcorn, and make your own in a Stasher bag. It's so easy & delicious! 

One Stasher bag replaces 260 single-use plastic bags per year, helping to reduce your overall waste. They allow you to save money over time by replacing the need to re-purchase single-use containers, wraps, and more.

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