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Yoga Exercises To Strengthen Ankles & Feet

Increasing the strength, flexibility and mobility of your ankles and feet is so important for preventing injury, reversing past damage and for better balance. 

Constant shoe wearing has led to a decrease in the strength and stamina in the muscles of our feet. 

These yoga stretches and movements are great for building strength, flexibility and to help prevent injury to your ankles and feet. 

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Hero Pose

In this pose, the tops of your ankles are being stretched. Press the top of feet into the floor  to release the tension  in your feet, ankles, and shins.

Toe Squat

In this pose, tuck your toes (you may have to manually help the little toes) and gently sit back on your feet. You'll feel an intense stretch in the toes, feet and ankles.

Downward Facing Dog

This pose is great for targeting the back of your ankles while also stretching the arms, shoulders and legs. Try to press down with each heel, to intensify the stretch.

garland Pose

Work on ankle mobility in this low squat. This pose may be difficult at first. You can begin on tip toes and slowly work your way towards moving the heel towards the ground.  

Warrior Pose 1

Warrior poses are great for ankle strength and flexibility. The back foot gets a stretch from being at a 45º angle while the front foot works on flexion as you lunge deeper. 

Warrior II

In warrior II, you'll find similar benefits as warrior I. Remember to do both sides of your body for balance. 

Tree pose 

This is a great balancing pose to strengthen your ankles and build stability.  You can place lifted foot on inside of thigh, lower calf or to the inside of the ankle. Avoid placing on inside of knee.

calf raises

This movement builds strength in the front and back lower legs which are the movers of the ankle. Strengthen the Achilles tendon while working the connective tissue on the bottom of feet. 

Hold each of these poses for 5-10 breaths. Be mindful to listen to your body and only do what feels best for you. 

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