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Phew, I feel like the last few weeks have put me through the wringer! It’s been Crazy Town over here and no matter what I do I feel like I just can’t catch up on life. Anyone else have weeks like that? When life gets crazy like this, I’m so grateful for finding shortcuts in my day to help take off some of the stress, especially when it comes to figuring out what to feed our family.

One of our go-to spots when life gets crazy, but we still want something wholesome and yummy to eat is Tropical Smoothie Cafe. They have a fun, chill atmosphere and the food always hits the spot. They definitely helped this mama make a little more time in her day and take off the cooking stress a few times these past two weeks (plus, I totally had a mega craving for their new quesadillas!).

These are just a few reasons why Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a favorite for our family:

Wholesome Ingredients

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is perfect when you’re looking for something fresh without a ton of preservatives, dyes or any of that yucky stuff. Their fare is made with the freshest ingredients and loaded with lots of fruit and veggies to help add some much needed nutrition to our diet! I love their huge selection of smoothies and that they have so many non-fried food options and meals that don’t feel like they came out of a freezer. I can take my family in for dinner and not have any mom-guilt because they have healthier choices.

More Than Smoothies

The new quesadillas are ah-mazing!

While Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s smoothies totally rock my socks off, they have SO much more than smoothies! Whether you’re in the mood for wraps, quesadillas (the new varieties are delicious!), salads, sandwiches , bowls, flatbreads or want a quick kids meal for your kiddo, they have it!


Seasonal Favorites

Tropical Smoothie is constantly adding new, fun seasonal vibes to their menu! They just added a couple new quesadillas to the menu and WOW, so yummy! We tried both new varieties, Island Chicken Quesadilla and Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla, on our last visit and they’re new favorites.

The Island Chicken Quesadilla has a roasted pineapple salsa that just pops with flavor (my daughter totally loved it too) and a smoky cheese blend that is amazing when paired with roasted salsa verde. The Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla is packed with black beans, roasted red peppers, the most flavorful queso blanco, cheddar and smoked cheese that is addictively good! Definitely hurry in and give them a try!

Don’t miss out on the seasonal smoothies too (I was totally digging on the watermelon mojito they had last month)! There are some delish fall smoothies coming soon (say “hi” to pumpkin pie and chai!) so you know you need to add those to your fall bucket list!

Laid-Back Atmosphere

When it comes to taking my family out to eat, I appreciate a laid-back atmosphere. At 2 and 4 years of age, I need a family friendly atmosphere so we can sit back and enjoy our food. We love the bright, fun tropical vibe and love taking advantage of the fun ocean backdrop for pics.

Grab & Go

On those days when I’m crunched on time or just don’t feel like taking the whole family out, I love to order online and pick up! Saves times, hassle and still let’s me provide my family (or myself) with yummy food and smoothies.

They Give Back

Did you know that Tropical Smoothie Cafe gives back to Camp Sunshine? Camp Sunshine is a destination that provides memorable experiences for children with life threatening diseases and their families. It’s a much-needed respite in the face of difficult circumstances. Not only can you fuel your body with some tasty, wholesome food, but also feel good that you’re supporting a brand that gives back as well!

Do you have a Tropical Smoothie Cafe near you? You can search here to find one near you.

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