Yesterday I got an email for Victoria’s Secret with the subject title…

“Your gym has never seen a push-up quite like this…”

Seeing as how I have an affinity for workout clothes and most Victoria’s Secret items I looked further and was disappointed in what I found: a sport’s push-up bra.  Really? I. Don’t. Get. It.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the push-up bra for the right time and location, but the gym is not one of those areas, and shouldn’t be. The last thing I want to worry about when lifting weights, doing ab exercises (can you imagine doing a plank in it and wondering where and how your boobs look? Just think about it…) and running on a treadmill (boing, boing) are my breasts. For those activities I’d rather have them securely tucked away and focus more on what I’m doing then the attention I’m getting. To me, it just sounds uncomfortable and like an accident waiting to happen (a la Janet Jackson nipple slip).  Just imagine the car honking, catcalls and so on that you’d get running out in this sports bra (it’s already annoying enough at other times wearing sweaty old “conservative” sports bra’s).
I guess it isn’t enough that we bust butt in the gym to look good, but now we have to get dolled up and have a ‘sexy style’ for the gym now too (I could understand it being used for fitness competitions).  Maybe it is a great product, but this certainly is not something for me. Aside from the aesthetic look of it, I can’t imagine it really being that supportive if it’s also a push up and the sparkly material seems like it would really chafe the skin around your shoulder/arms.
What do you think about the new push-up sports bra?
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