Mindful Eating: 4 Ways To Get Started

This post is sponsored by Gerolsteiner. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please advise with your doctor for any medical or health advice.  Mindful eating is a topic that has had a lot of [...]

Fun Date Ideas for Athletic Couples

While my husband and I love a date night out on the town, sometimes we have a hard time finding a sitter for evenings and I hate feeling exhausted the next day (because you know kids always...

The Unexpected Moments of Motherhood

Motherhood is chock full of moments. Moments of pure joy. Moments of overflowing love and exploding hearts. Moments of frustration and tears. Moments of laughing until tears are streaming down your face and...

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I’m Amber, a 30 something year old wife and mama. I have two wonderful children, Aiden and Brielle, and an incredibly supportive and hardworking husband. I live in Fenton, Michigan and am a Central Michigan University alumni where I studied public health education and health promotion. I’m fueled by coffee, re-energized with yoga, love a good mind-clearing run, gardening, creating recipes in the kitchen and unwinding with a glass of wine.

Most of my days are spent in graphic tee’s, a top knot and yoga pants, playing cars, babywearing, kissing boo boo’s and cleaning sticky fingers and faces. Despite some days being tedious and draining, I wouldn’t trade it for the world as this time is fleeting and so very precious. I strive to teach my children kindness, acceptance and to value others differences, especially in these tumultuous time. I believe that more kindness and empathy can do this world a lot of good and much of that starts at home with our children.