My New Love

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Christmas is over and I can't believe how quickly it flew by.  It seems like every year it goes by quicker and quicker.  We had a wonderful Christmas (3 actually) with our families and I hope that everyone had a fabulous one as well.  It's been nice the past few weeks to see our family [...]

Yo quiero quesadilla…

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Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm a sucker for Mexican food.  You would think that after working in a Mexican restaurant for 4+ years (that I just finally quit so I could start school again!), that I would be completely sick of it, but it's something I crave ridiculously often.  I would say that 40% of our meals [...]

DIY Cranberry Vodka

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Phew, winter has rolled in with a vengeance and what better way to embrace then to warm up with a little bit of seasonal vodka to keep you warm.  The bitter cold and tons of snow have me cooped up in the house and I figured why not try out a recipe I've been waiting [...]

First snowfall and holiday love

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I can't imagine a better way to welcome the month of December than with a light snowfall.  I woke this morning to an inch or so of snow on the ground and huge, slowly falling snowflakes.  The first snowfall of the year is always something I treasure and this morning I sat here with a [...]

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