You guys, I’m SO excited to share this with you! I’ve teamed up with Tough Mudder and will be running the event in Michigan this June! I won’t lie, I’m nervous, but so pumped up about it as this is something that I have wanted to do for YEARS! I’ll be sharing a ton of information about the event, training tips, the gear that will make your journey easier and an event recap in the next few months!

Before having kids, I loved being ultra adventurous, super active and trying things out of my comfort zone that pushed my limits. Snowboarding, rock climbing and mud runs were a few of the things that pushed my boundaries and gave me a thrill unlike any other. Those hobbies have moved to the back burner the last few years, but I feel like I’m at a place to finally get back into my hobbies again and what a better way to do it, than going big with running the Tough Mudder. I feel like we often grow the most when we put ourselves in situations that challenge us and force us to be a bit unsure, and Tough Mudder is a perfect way to do so.

What Is Tough Mudder?

Tough Mudder is 10-12 miles of mud and 20+ obstacles designed to drag you out of your comfort zone. Unlike other runs, it’s not about time. This is one of the things that I love the most about Tough Mudder. It’s about mental grit, teamwork and challenging yourself. The obstacles involve lots of mud, water, ice, electricity, climbing, teamwork and so much more. Not only is it a physical challenge of strength and stamina, but a definite mental challenge too.

Also, Tough Mudder has a range of events that suit everyone; from someone ready to step up from being a couch potato to the ultimate athlete (which I’ll tell you more about below). They have events all over the world and a TON in the U.S. Ready to sign up? Check to see what location is near you.

The Mud & Obstacles

So Much Mud. Ice. Water. Heights. Electricity. Small Spaces. If you have a fear, chances are that you’ll conquer it during Tough Mudder when you complete the 20+ obstacles on the course. I’m nervous, but so excited to tackle doubts and fears head on and come out feeling like a bad ass. 😛 Plus, you gotta earn that ice cold beer you’ll be enjoying at the end of your Tough Mudder journey. The video below highlights this years new obstacles.

Worried that Tough Mudder might be too hard for you?

Aside from the original Tough Mudder, they have a wide range of events to suit each and every fitness level and adventurous spirit:

  • Tough Mudder Half – This 5 mile course is perfect for first timers or those just getting back into the fitness realm. With all the mud and half the distance (no ice and electricity either), it’s a great way to enter the mud run obstacle course obsession.
  • Mini Mudder – Want to make it a family event? This 1 mile course is perfect for kids ages 7-12. Children can get muddy just like mom and dad and it emphasizes team work too. Win-win for everyone.
  • Toughest Mudder – This EIGHT hour course (from midnight to 8am) is for the extreme. An ultimate challenge for those looking to have some intense bragging rights.
  • World’s Toughest Mudder – This is the ultimate of the ultimate challenges. The toughest, grittiest and most extreme Mudders take on this 24 hour obstacle and endurance extravaganza. There is some major money up for grabs in this event!


Although I’ve been active with doing vinyasa yoga a couple times a week (definitely helping my upper body strength), my running and lifting has been pretty low key. I’ll be taking advantage of Tough Mudders training guides that they provide to help get me in rocking shape for the event. They have guides for each event and even have more specific ones to help you tackle the different obstacles. I just downloaded the three month training guide to start hitting it hard soon!

Join Me!

Ready to escape the ordinary and get fit in 2017? Use code: ToughMudderNewYear17 to save 15% through February 28th! I’d love to have some of my awesome followers join along this journey and be a great support group (or join my team if you’re in Michigan)!

Sign up HERE!!

Have you ran a mud run before? What’s one thing you’re doing this year to challenge yourself?

I’d love to hear your stories!

Disclaimer: I have been given free registration to Tough Mudder in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This is an event I’ve been intrigued by for years and can’t wait to share my experience with you all!





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