I’m so excited to finally announce that I’ve teamed up with Barefoot and Free Yoga Festival this summer! I first heard about this amazing festival last summer, but Brielle was so young that I didn’t feel comfortable leaving her for a weekend. A year later…I am counting down the days until this festival begins and I can’t wait to share all the great events lined up for this years festival.

What is it?

Barefoot and Free Yoga Festival is a one of a kind yoga and music experience in the Metro Detroit area. Last year there were over 600 attendees and this year is sure to be just as amazing. The festival takes place in the woods surrounding beautiful Proud Lake in Commerce, Michigan. The festival consists of yoga classes galore that take place outside in nature (my favorite way to practice and flow), workshops, music, SUP (stand up paddleboard), hiking, swimming, meditation, ancient sacred ceremonies, moon goddess medicine, artist & music making worships, ecstatic dancing, mantra, live music, talks, local food and artists, camping, soul searching, intention setting and surely many new friends.

This festival basically has everything! I’m so excited to be able to fully immerse myself in a weekend devoted to honoring my body and mind and truly enjoying everything. You can choose to stay the whole weekend and camp out or choose which days you’d like to attend with the day passes.

Why Should You Go?

As a mom to two young children, it can be hard to sometimes get away, but I truly believe that you need to remember to feed your soul and interests. I’m lucky enough to have a husband that fully supports me in this and that also doesn’t bat an eye at solo parenting for the weekend so I can get away. <3 The great thing about this festival is that there truly is something for the whole family (which I’ll get into more later) so you can bring everyone along.

A little backstory:

Yoga has been such a lifesaver for me, both physically and mentally. I’ve been doing yoga for over 5 years on and off, but had taken a few years off after the birth of my second child. Life was crazy adapting to caring for two kids, being a wife, managing our home and my blog was just getting started as well. As the year progressed, I found that I was feeling stuck. I needed to fill my cup with something that I loved and enjoyed and yoga was that something. I started doing yoga regularly at the beginning of this year and immediately felt so much better in so many ways. I felt healthier, stronger and mentally clearer. I felt stress and anxieties melt away when I went to my mat and my outlook on the world around me improved immensely. I found comfort in not always being in control and being on my mat brought balance to my life that made those tougher moments easier (major kudos to Soul Yoga). If you haven’t done yoga, I challenge you to stick to it for a month (try different classes, studios and instructors until you find the one). I almost guarantee that you’ll learn to love it.

Barefoot and Free Yoga Festival will allow newbies and diehards to fully immerse themselves in a experience unlike others. Being away from the modern day stressors and surrounded by nature is sure to bring peace, healing, love and joy. Challenge yourself and what your comfortable with. Take a step and see where it leads you.

Who will be there?

This years lineup is absolutely amazing. There are so many amazing teachers that I have looked up to for years that will be there and leading classes and workshops. Patrick Beach, Irene Pappas, Katie Silcox, Bryan Bennett and Kara Baruzzini are just a few of my favorites that will be there (view full list here). Add in some amazing musicians to lay down the tunes to flow and healing artists to help you honor your body and you’ll leave the festival feeling empowered, informed and full of life.

What do I need to bring?

  • An open mind and willingness to explore.
  • Yoga clothes
  • Water bottles (they have water filling stations)
  • Sunscreen (hats/UV clothing) and any other toiletries
  • Snacks/drinks/coolers
  • Sleeping stuff (tent, blankets, etc)
  • Kayak and/or paddle board (don’t worry, they have paddle boards to use there)
  • Yoga mat and any props you may want
  • Notebook and pen/pencils for note taking, doodling, writing.
  • Friends!
  • Camera (I can’t wait to share my review with y’all later)

What if I’m a newbie? Can my family come?

YES, yes, yes! There are classes and workshops for ALL levels. They even offer babysitting (ages 12 and under) and kids activities for your little ones to enjoy! There is plenty of hiking, fishing, kayaking and activities to keep everyone in the family happy and entertained through the weekend.

Is there food and drinks?

Yep! There will be plenty of local vendors there to provide sustenance throughout the day. You are more than welcome to bring a cooler with food, drinks and snacks, of course. I’ll probably do a little mix of both.

Alright, I’m hooked! How do I sign up?

You can buy your passes HERE! Enter code: Amber15offbf&f at checkout and save 15% off your purchase (code is good until 5/31/17)! I’ll be staying all weekend and am looking forward to learning, growing and meeting others. I hope to see you there and be sure to reach out and let me know if you’re going!

Disclaimer: I am receiving tickets to the festival in exchange for this post. I never would recommend something I don’t truly believe in. I truly am so excited to share this festival with my readers and hope to see you there. Namaste! 

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