Do you feel that? There is a major shift thats occurring worldwide (yes, worldwide) when it comes to being a women and it’s overwhelming powerful and empowering.  It’s no surprise to those that know me well that I lean quite heavily to the left and that the title “feminist” is one that I proudly hold close. I feel like our country is slooooowly working towards more gender equality (even despite all the political crap happening right now). People are no longer “sitting down and shutting up”. They’re standing tall, making sure their voices are being heard, striving with their whole heart and being persistent in working towards making change.

As a women and as a mom to a young daughter, I hold so much hope that this movement for women continues. That we break through those glass ceilings, stereotypes, gender norms and persist. Seeing these changes fuels me to be sure that my daughter grows up realizing that she can indeed do anything and everything that she desires, no matter what anyone else may insinuate or tell her.

I recently discovered “Dear Daughter”, the newest video from Grammy award winning hard rock brand, Halestorm and I’m totally digging it. The song was inspired by the amazing support and dedication that lead singer, Lzzy Hale, received from her parents as her and her brother started their rock band and followed their dreams.

The lyrics really spoke to me and are so uplifting. Every daughter (actually, every women as well), young and old, needs to hear them and take them to heart.

Lyrics excerpt:

Dear daughter
Hold your head up high
There’s a world outside
That’s passing by
Dear daughter
Never lose yourself
Remember that
You’re like nobody else

As I’ve been listening to this song, I’ve felt inspired to pen a “Dear Daughter” of my own.

Dear Daughter,

There are those moments that I look at you in complete awe. At only 15 months old, you already have the spunk, attitude and personality that engulfs everyone around you and lights up a room. As I hear the pitter patter and thumping of your chubby little legs and dainty feet, a smile lights up my face as I await your grand entrance. I hope you never lose that confidence and are always so sure of yourself. You command a room to give you all their attention and that surety of yourself is so refreshing in a world in which so many often question themselves.

Remember, be kind to those around you and even kinder to those that don’t deserve it. Most have their own inner struggle that they are dealing with and we often don’t know everyones stories. Avoid longing for others lives. Comparison is a thief of joy. We all have our struggles and personal experiences that have shaped us and made us uniquely who we are. Cherish that. You’re unlike any others and that’s what makes you, you. You do you because you is amazing and oh-so-precious.

Venture forth and light your dreams on fire. Reach for the stars, zoom past them and capture the moon, sweet little girl. This world is yours to take. Do things that are uncomfortable for you as those are often the things that make you grow the most. Remember where you are from, but never let that chain you down. There will always be those that cast doubt and negativity your way. Push them to the side and prove to them that you are worthy, that you are strong and that you are capable of so much and more than they may believe. You’re allowed to be angry, but don’t let it consume you. Choose joy whenever possible and laugh at every chance.

Love who you are. Every single bit of you. Your kindness that radiates all around you. Your silly sense of humor that I cannot wait to see bloom and evolve. That big, beautiful brain that has so much potential. Your strong and capable body that powers you through every hurdle that life throws your way.  Any self perceived “flaws” that make you individually you. There’s nothing holding you back besides yourself.

And always, be you. You are uniquely, wonderfully made and worthy of everything this world has to offer. Go out and seize it, enjoy it and embrace every moment.

Love always,


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What’s one piece of advice that you want to pass down to your child(ren)?

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