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One of the biggest changes that we have had over the past year was adapting to distance learning amidst the pandemic. For over a year and a half, both of our children were home with us doing distance learning. While it certainly had its challenges, especially during the initial transition, part of me loved being able to experience first-hand seeing my children learn from home and for them to have so much extra time with each other.

Choosing Online Public School for Your Student

With the 2021 school year on the horizon, many parents have been contemplating continuing their child’s education from home. Many school districts have discontinued their distance learning programs, which has led some families to feel lost as they don’t know what other options they have aside from homeschooling. Whether you are considering online learning because your family likes the freedom that it provides, desire to cater learning to your child’s needs or have difficulty managing schedules (sports, acting, etc.), there are options aside from homeschooling! For those that are interested in online school, Connections Academy is a great option.

What is Connections Academy Online School from Home?

Connections Academy offers full-time, tuition-free, online public-school learning for grades K-12 from home. With 47 schools across 30 states and over 100,000 students enrolled, Connections Academy provides a comprehensive curriculum and individualized support needed for successful virtual learning.

Learn more about Connections Academy below and several reasons to consider online school.

1. Parents Are Not The Teachers

One of the major things that I love about Connections Academy is that parents are not the teachers! Connections Academy’s teachers are accredited and specially trained for online instruction so that they can provide the best education for your child and their individualized needs. The role of parent changes completely – instead of being the primary teacher, parents are considered Learning Coaches. As a Learning Coach and parent, you’ll be there to help support your children by helping to structure their day, providing support as needed and communicating with your child’s teacher as needed (by email or phone).

2. Flexible and Personalized Learning

No two students learn the same way. Connections Academy understands this and provides a personalized education that addresses each child’s different educational needs. Teachers and parents work together to help your child succeed in their education. Connections Academy teachers offer personalized learning by working together with parents and students to help them learn in the way that works best for them and to support their goals, both in and outside of school. The teachers provide individualized attention that helps motivate and encourage students. They make sure that their students are ready for life after school by focusing on social and emotional wellness too.

3. It’s Tuition-Free and Accessible

Connections Academy students and families can study wherever they want because it is online. They can study at their own time and pace, which helps them to take ownership of their education. If your family travels often (for sports, medical appointments, etc.) or you just need more flexibility in your days, Connections Academy provides that for you – all you need is an internet connection.
All required books and other materials are free. You only need to buy regular school supplies like pencils and notebooks. There are occasional optional field trips that may incur costs, but those are up to your family to decide whether you’d like to participate.

4. Proven Curriculum Designed for Online Learning

All of the curriculum is provided, which takes immense stress off parents having to design and put together lesson plans for their children. Their curriculum is designed especially for a virtual learning experience and meets or exceeds the national and state standards. Aside from academics, Connections Academy also focuses on social and emotional learning which is so important for your child to be prepared and ready for the real world.

5. Students Learn At Their Own Pace (With Less Distractions)

A flexible schedule is one of the most common reasons that families consider online schools. Teachers and counselors at Connections Academy work closely with students and their families to create a flexible schedule that optimizes your child’s learning. Connections Academy allows students to take breaks as necessary and to complete assignments when it suits them best. With these options, they can learn at their own pace.

6. Earn College Credits

Connections Academy’s curriculum is fine-tuned to help students be successful in life. Connections Academy is accredited by Cognia, formerly AdvancED. Math, science, English and social studies are the core of the curriculum. For older students, there are plenty of options through Advanced Placement courses to earn college credits.

7. Foster Independence and Resiliency

With so much flexibility, there are many opportunities for children, especially grades 9-12, to work independently and gain the critical thinking and time management skills that will be important as they enter adulthood. While there are lots of opportunities for individualized learning, Connections Academy also offers live online classroom environments through LiveLesson technology to foster student interaction among peers and staff.

Is online school something that your family would enjoy?

If you have any questions at all about Connections Academy, please leave them below and myself or someone from Connections Academy will do their best to answer them for you!





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