As soon as I found out that I was having a little girl, I knew that I wanted to be the one to give her her first doll. I’m not a girly girl by any means, but there’s just something about a little baby girl getting her first baby doll. I knew that I wanted it to be a soft doll that could be cuddled, would be one of a kind and a keepsake as time goes on.


As my search began, I found Everly Dolls and fell in love. I followed her Instagram feed for a long while and kept finding myself gravitating back to her adorable, customized dolls. I loved that they all were so different, hand sewn and the beautiful fabrics that were used for the outfits. I wanted to be sure that I got Brielle a doll that not only looked cute, but also could actually be played with.  I absolutely loved that the dolls come with removable outfits, so they can actually serve as dress up dolls with changeable outfits (clothing, boots and head/hair accessories all can be removed and changed). Each face is hand stitched and Everly Dolls uses great premium fabrics, such as wool felt, fleece, cotton yarn, lace and they are sewn with double stitches. I was finding that many of the handmade dolls were very small (8-10″). Everly Dolls are around 16″ which makes them the perfect size for pretend play.



Elina, the mama and mastermind behind the dolls, was the easiest and sweetest to work with to help me design a baby doll for Miss Bri. Elina started creating dolls when she was pregnant with her daughter, Everly, and was searching for a special baby doll for her but couldn’t find something she loved. She made her daughters first doll and that is where her passion began. She even included a matching hair accessory for Brielle to wear as well. After deciding on all my options (hair color, style, clothing colors, etc)., she quickly made the doll and had it shipped.



As I eagerly kept track of delivery, I was so excited when it came. As I unwrapped it and opened it up and showed it to Brielle, her little eyes just lit up and she had the sweetest smile on her face! I’m so sad that I didn’t have my camera ready to capture that sweet moment. She’s smitten with her little doll and often you can see her dragging her around with her (she’s still crawling) or giving her slobbery baby kisses. <3



If you are looking for a fabulous and unique keepsake, Everly Dolls is so great to work with and makes incredibly durable, handmade and dressable baby dolls. I feel like every little girl needs one (and maybe boys too since my toddler loves to sneak off with the doll too). Aside from the great dolls, she also makes hairbands and hairclips too! I’ve also been eyeing a new design she is working on for a mermaid doll and it’s making me all heart eyes! There are a few dance dolls that she has designed that would be perfect for a little girl that loves ballet, tap, etc.



I’m sooooo excited about this giveaway! One of you will win this beautiful doll (pictured below)!

To enter:

  1. Follow Everly Dolls Facebook and/or Instagram (must follow at least one outlet).
  2. Leave me a comment below letting me know who you want a doll for.
  3. Bonus: Check out my Instagram on Monday (September 25th) at 8pm EST (click here), for additional ways to enter! 😉




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