I always find that summertime tends to be really harsh on my skin. The elements: sun, heat, chlorine, sand, allergens, and wind all make my skin super dry and extra sensitive. This summer I’ve really been working on improving my skin care regimen and wanted to share a few of my summer skin tips with you.


I’ve teamed up with Aquation (through Brandbacker) to try their ultra hydrating line of products. Aquation is powered by Hydro Balance and enriched with ceramides and hyaluronic acid. These elements help to restore and fortify your skins natural water balance for hydrated, healthy skin. For this post, I’ve been sent Aquation Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser, Aquation Daily Moisturizing Lotion, Aquation Moisturizing Cream. I love how gentle these products were on my sensitive skin. After a week of use, I noticed significantly smoother and moisturized skin. Also, they are a steal! You get a super generous amount of product (16 ounces!) for a wallet friendly price…and you can save even more with a coupon link below.

How to keep summer skin

Use a gentle cleanser

Using a gentle cleanser like Aquation Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser helps to gently remove dirt, grime (like residual pool chlorine), and excess oil without stripping your skin. I loved that this cleanser easily removed dirt and makeup without being harsh on my skin (no tight feeling that some harsher cleansers can cause).

Drinks lots of water

Warmer temperatures and increased summer time activity leads to higher levels of dehydration. Make sure to be drinking plenty of water to help re-hydrate your body from the inside out. At least 8 glasses of water a day (64  ounces) is a must, and even more if you drinks lots of caffeine. Water rich foods (like watermelon, cucumbers, berries) are another great way to hydrate and add additional nutrients to your diet that will help your skin as well.

Skip the long, hot showers

I love a nice, hot shower, but it wreaks havoc on my skin by stripping the skin of it’s natural oils. Aim for cooler and shorter showers and baths (10 minutes of less).  A cooler shower is an invigorating and energizing way to start the day.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Although most peoples skin produces more oil in the summer, moisturizing is so important. Slathering on Aquation Daily Moisturizing Lotion once or twice daily helps to lock in moisture and leaves you with soft, silky skin. I loved that this moisturizer is unscented, absorbs quickly and provides moisture that lasts through the whole day.


Exfoliation helps to remove dead, dull skin which will help to brighten your complexion, allow moisturizers and toner to be more effective. Be sure to use a super hydrating body cream, like Aquation Moisturizing Cream to seal in moisture.

Use Sunscreen

This is a must and definitely one that I have failed at in the past. I cringe thinking about all the hot, summer days that I spent basking in the sun (and let’s not forget my past tanning bed obsession). Protect your skin!! Sun damage leads to dry skin, premature aging and increases your risk for skin cancer. One of my favorite sunscreens is from Coola. It sprays on easy, provides great protection and smells great. If using a cream, make sure to use enough (at least a shot glass worth for your body and teaspoon for your face).

If interested in learning more about Aquation and how they can help your skin be fabulous, be sure to check out their website and social media channels below.

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Their products are convenient to pick up at your local Walmart (or at Walmart.com) and they’ve even provided a great coupon for additional savings for my readers. Click here to save even more with a printable coupon.

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