In case you missed it, today is….

I plan on taking a nice, long run later this evening at a new trail that we discovered at Holly Recreation Area. This area has really helped renew my running again. In recognition of today, here’s a brief list of the reasons why I run. I’d love hear your reasons as well so share below! 🙂

I Run Because…

– It makes me feel strong.
– My health depends on it.
– It’s cheaper than therapy (both psychological & retail).
– The silence is needed sometimes.
– I’d rather be sore than sorry.
– Sometimes I just need to get away from life.
– It makes me feel healthier…and happier.
– It gives me something to work towards.
– It gives me energy.
– It gives me an excuse to buy cute workout clothes.
– Some of my best ideas come while zoned out running.
– My personal best is just that: mine.
– I can participate in fun races to raise money and get covered in mud.
– I really like to eat.
– I really, really like chocolate.
– I enjoy the scenery.
– I love the endorphin rush.
– It makes my legs look fab!
– I like the one on one time with the hubby.
– It makes getting dressed in the morning so much more positive.
– It’s the best way to sight see.
– There’s a freedom in just getting out and running with no destination in mind.
– It gives me an excuse to take a break sometimes.
– It’s a great stress reliever.
– I love crossing a finish line and the positiveness of those also running.
– It makes my heart, lungs and muscle stronger for a longer and healthier lifetime.
– It decreases my chances of cancers.
– It increases my lifespan.
– It fights obesity.
– It gives me confidence.
– I can. You never know when that could be taken away.

Are you doing anything today to celebrate National Running Day? If you need some ideas here are 10 ways to celebrate. I’d love to hear what you love about it or any goals you’ve set.  My next big goal: Run a 10k! There’s one in late August so I’m really considering it

Are there any specific reasons that you love running? 
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