Ann Coulter is in a binder all her own…one that that seems to get off on making fun of those that are the most innocent.

Her blatant statements using the word retard, is completely unacceptable and childish. I’d expect better out of someone that is in the public eye so often (not that I ever agree with her beliefs, but that’s another post on it’s own). If she was using the word in a more medical sense than I wouldn’t give a crap. Using in this context is implying “stupid” or “slow.”

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about here are a a few screenshots of her ignorant postings on Twitter:

When she uses the R word in that way she offends many who are affected by someone with a mental or developmental handicap or ability, including their family, friends, coworkers, teachers, and so on. Bottom line, it’s hateful, disgusting and insulting. You offend people like me and my family. People like my sister who is mentally and physically handicap. People like my brother in law with autism. People like a girl I grew up with that has Down’s Syndrome. Other HUMANS! Have some respect already.

Using these word so freely in a insulting context and without regard for others takes away from those that are afflicted. It makes it seem as if it’s okay and acceptable to use (the same goes for saying, “so and so is so gay”). I’m sure her main thing was making sure to get what she says out there and noticed, which she did at the expense of so many others.

I think that Jeff Goins Writer said it well:

“The bottom line is this: If you look closely enough, people are following you. Someone is watching your every move. Maybe it’s a friend or a sibling or even one of your followers on social media. Someone is seeing what you’re about.

And when you open your mouth and words like “retard” come out, well, it makes you look dumb. And a bigot. And kind of a jerk.

That’s not what you want to be remembered for, right?

Make a decision to stop today. Please. This word affects people in ways that hurt far worse that you can imagine. There are so many more beautiful and wonderful-sounding words that could come out of your mouth than that stupid R-word.”

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