I’m a super sap for personalized and sentimental gifts as you’ve likely noticed from previous posts, such as my Mother’s Day gift, cute superhero capes and personalized blankets. Sentimental gifts just pull at my heart strings and are guaranteed to be a winner. Just knowing that they are one of kind and the special meaning behind them always puts a smile on my face and bring me back to heartfelt times of my life.


When I saw the handmade, personalized items that Stitches by Natalie makes, in particular the Memory Blanket Dog, I immediately added it to my wish list. The Memory Dog is made from a newborn receiving blanket or swaddle and includes babies name and stats hand-stitched on the side of the dog. You simply send your choice of blanket or swaddle to Natalie after checking out on her Etsy shop, and she creates these adorable, one of a kind, personalized stuffed dogs with your child’s name and stats from their birth.



Brielle’s hospital swaddle blanket had been sitting in a box so it was great to see such an ordinary, yet special keepsake be transformed into such an adorable toy. I anxiously waited (stalked the mailman) for it to be returned. When I saw it in the mailbox, I ran into the house and excitedly opened it. It immediately warmed my heart seeing all the memories associated with that blanket be preserved in an adorable memory dog.



When I first gave it to Brielle, I couldn’t believe her reaction. She immediately broke out in a huge, gummy smile and started hugging and cuddling it. It seemed like she knew that this was her blanket. It turned me to a gooey sentimental mess and brought tears to my eyes. Her Memory Dog is definitely her favorite toy and she constantly gravitates towards it and has to have it near. I love that this has given new life to Brielle’s blanket and that it’s able to be loved on constantly.


The Memory Blanket Puppy would be an absolutely sweet and perfect gift for a new mom and baby. If someone would have gifted this to me in those early months, I would have been a hormonal, blubbering, thankful puddle of tears.


Natalie also creates many other hand stitched keepsakes. I’m keeping her Memory Bear in mind for future use when I finally go through all the kids baby clothes that I can’t bear to part with. I’d love to take a few of my favorite pieces and have a bear created for myself. She also can create bears using special clothing pieces of passed loved ones. I feel like it would be so comforting to have when missing those special people.

Her hooded towels are also adorable creations that are perfect for the young kiddos in your life, especially for pool and beach days.

Natalie has been so generous and is offering a 15% discount off your order using code STITCHWAMER. You can check out her Etsy shop and social channels below.

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Much thanks to Stitches by Natalie for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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