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The holiday season usually means lots of time and get togethers with family and friends. Whether you have family coming in from out of town, host a Christmas bash every year, or are trying to find fun things to do while kids are home on winter break, sometimes it can be tough to keep everyone happy, full and entertained all the time. It can be challenging to entertain everyone all the time so I wanted to share a few of our favorite fun holiday inspired games to inspire some festive competition this year! These games are great for all ages and take only a little bit of prep from everyday objects you already have in your home.

First things first, make sure you’ve stocked up on all the yummies! Have some easy to grab drinks and snacks ready to go because no one wants to deal with hangry guests. To keep it simple and easy when I know that I’ll be entertaining (or just want a stress-free family night), I love buying Hillshire® Snacking Social Platters at Meijer. The Genoa Salame & Calabrese Salame is my favorite & well-loved by my family!

These Hillshire® Snacking Social Platters charcuterie inspired platters, are perfect for entertaining as you can simply flip, serve in the packaging it comes in and satisfy guests in a moment with no prep and little clean up. I love that I don’t have to spend time prepping and cleaning up so that I can spend more time making memories and having fun with my family and friends. With lots of yummies (like Calabrese Salame, Genoa Salame, White Cheddar, Sea Salt Toasted Rounds, Dried Cranberries and Cherries), there’s something for everyone.

Through 12/31, you can grab an awesome mPerks promo for $2.50 off 1 product! Add a side platter with cut fruits and veggies and you’re good to go for an evening of happy bellies, laughs and making memories!

Once you have your food and drinks set, it’s game time!


Candy Cane Inspired Spoons

Inspired by the original Spoons card game, switch out the spoons for candy canes to add a little festive cheer. Best played with 3 or more players and suitable for ages 7+.

Ring the Antler

Have a guest wear a Santa hat with antlers (most stores have them or you can purchase online) and toss rings made from pipe cleaners onto the antlers. First person to toss all their rings wins!

Snowball Fight

Mini marshmallows are your snowballs in this fun game. Have the catcher stand in one spot and the throwers stand behind a line. Each thrower gets 3 attempts to throw their marshmallow “snowballs” into the catchers mouth. The person who throws the most into the catchers mouth wins (and let’s be honest, the catcher is the ultimate winner – haha).

Snowman Bowling

Using white or clear cups, decorate with cardboard paper or permanent markers to make mini snowman (this is a great activity for kids to help make) and stack (3 on bottom, 2 in middle and 1 on top). Use a small ball to bowl and knock down.

Cookie or GingerBread Decorating Contest

Bake or purchase undecorated sugar cookies or gingerbread house kits and have a decorating contest. Vote for a winner at the end (or let social media decide) to see who is the ultimate cookie decorator!

Christmas Inspired Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of holiday inspired items and let your guests and families loose to find them all! You can play this in teams, stick to your home or make it a neighborhood search! Players can collect items or take pictures as proof!

Guess The Christmas Smell

Place different holiday inspired scents into mason jars, blindfold players and have them guess what’s in the jars. A few fun ideas for scents to guess: cinnamon sticks, cookies, tape, pinecones, peppermint, pine needles, nutmeg, hot chocolate, cotton balls soaked in vanilla and/or almond extract.

Pin The Nose on Rudolph

A fun twist on pin the tail on the donkey! There are a ton of printables online for this game for a simple game kids will love!

Candy Cane Hunt

Put a spin on the classic Easter egg hunt, by hiding candy canes instead.

Marshmallow Toss

This game is a former college favorite game made family friendly. Switch up ping pong balls with large marshmallows to be tossed into cups. First team to clear all the cups wins. Can be kid or adult centered depending on your crowd!

Do you do family game nights?
What are your favorite games to play with friends and family?

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