Oh goodness, sleep is such a constant battle in our home. I feel like for the last 3+ years I haven’t slept a full night ever, whether it be pregnancy discomfort, newborn baby, teething, toddler musings and so on. The truth is, our kids just are not good sleepers. We’ve tried everything in the books, scoured the internet and talked with all of our friends and family and nothing seems to work to consistently get our kids to sleep through the night. For the most part, our 3 year old is finally sleeping through the night 90% of the time, but his nearly 1 year old sister is still fighting the sleep battle. Last night she was up every 2 hours. *yawn*

It’s exhausting. Physically and mentally.

The one small win that I have had is nap time with my daughter. We were constantly fighting nap time and stuck with multiple attempts and then short (30-40 minute) naps that frustrated me to no end and seemed to zoom by. Enter DockATot Grand and we finally got a little more sleep and rest!

DockATot is a portable dock that provides a safe, soothing and comforting environment for babies. It’s shape and design allows babies and toddlers to feel nestled comfortably to allow for better sleep and rest. The mattress pad and bumpers are made from air permeable material and provides a safer option for children if parents choose to co-sleep by preventing parents from rolling onto baby.

When it first arrived both of my children were so excited for it and could not step cuddling in it. The next day I decided to give it a try at nap time and couldn’t believe it. When I laid her down, she immediately cuddled in and got comfortable. She usually pops up immediately and the nap time battle begins all over again. I quickly and quietly tip-toed out of her room and stared at the monitor in amazement that she fell asleep and stayed asleep for 2+ hours. TWO HOURS! I was skeptical and thought that maybe it was a fluke, but our naps are finally 2 hours on the average.

Thank you, DockATot.
Love, one tired yet hopeful mama.

Aside from being a nap time miracle, the DockATot is perfect for lounging during the day during quiet times, impromptu diaper changes, and easily travels. We recently took it to my parents for a late date night (first in 11 months) and much to our surprise she was sleeping when we arrived home. Since Brielle is a climber, I’m sure that we’ll have to transition her out of a crib earlier than her brother and I think that the DockATot will be essential during that time for the crib to big girl bed transition.

My only complaint about DockATot: not getting one sooner. I marvel at the thought of how much more sleep we could have had. I would have loved to have one for those early months when our babies wanted to be held 24/7. I remember vividly fighting to stay awake in bed while holding a sleeping baby for fear of co-sleeping unsafely. I can say that without a doubt that I would have absolutely loved to have a DockATot to catch some extra Zzz’s with them safely asleep next to me.

Disclaimer: I was provided a DockATot in Exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please do your own research regarding safe sleep for babies and ask your medical professional questions about safe sleep practices.

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