Anyone with a toddler knows that meal and snack time can be a battle sometimes. Some days they love a food, the next they hate it, and usually they tend to shy away from those foods that are nutritional and healthy for them (cookies and suckers are my nemesis in our house and cause tantrums too often). For us, vegetables are a tough sell and there are only so many ways to hide them into everyday foods and the extra effort it takes is just not something I can always do with a newborn and rambunctious toddler.

Then along came Sweetie Pie Organic Toddler Snacks!

Sweetie Pie Snacks aims to put nutrition into your child’s snacking. They understand how toddlers love to grab snacks through the day and how important those first 3 years of life are when it comes to a child’s development, while still keeping mom and dad’s busy life in mind.

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Sweetie Pie Snacks have two different types of snacks available:

  • Freeze-Dried Snacks: These snacks come in individual bags that are perfect for on the go. They are organic, freeze-dried, itsy bitsy pieces of fruits and vegetables that melt in your mouth and are perfect for toddlers and babies learning to eat real foods. I love keeping these stashed in our diaper bag, purse, strollers, and car for a quick emergency snack to prevent a ‘hangry’ meltdown. I love how I don’t feel guilty about giving these to my kiddo because each bag contains a full serving of fruits and vegetables combined and he absolutely loves them. He asks for his “owls” everyday so it’s great to not have to fight to get him to eat his veggies and fruits. MAJOR MOM WIN! Each box contains 5 individual bags with a medley of different fruits and vegetables. My son is in love with the banana, sweet corn and blueberry variety! It’s great to read the ingredient list and see only fruit on there…no added sugar or preservatives!

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  • Tiny Wafers: These tiny wafers are crunchy and nutritious and my son loves them! The wafers are made of at least 50% of real fruits and vegetables, have no sugar or preservatives added and are non-GMO and USDA organic. Each box has a full serving of fruits or vegetables and there are 3 servings per box. The carrot is both my and my sons favorite (I always try his food), especially because there is a slight cumin and curry flavor to them. I love how there are some added spices to add extra flavor to these as well and feel that it’s great to expose young kiddos to a variety of flavors to expand their tastes while young and impressionable (apple has cinnamon and beet has a hint of garlic).

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Simple sides to add to an easy meal.


My wavy haired boy enjoying a box of his “owls”.


Nope, he’s definitely not sharing these!


Snack time break!

It’s GIVEAWAY TIME! Sweetie Pie Snacks have been generous enough to offer my readers a Sweetie Pie Snacks Variety Pack of 6. Each pack contains one box of each tiny wafer variety and freeze dried snacks. It’s a perfect way to try each product that they carry.

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I received these products in exchange for an honest review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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