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Eating plant-based is more than just a trend these days, rather a movement. Incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet has soooo many great health and environmental benefits. Even eating plant-based for just a few meals a week can have a positive effect on improving your health. Plus, it’s more sustainable and makes a positive impact on reducing your carbon footprint.

For many people, the biggest roadblock to eating more plant-based is feeling overwhelmed about where to begin. While our family doesn’t eat a plant-based diet 100% of the time,  I try to make plant-based meals at least a few days a week. We’ve been introducing more plant-based options to lessen our environmental impact and add some delicious plant forward nutritional goodness to our diets.

Eating plant-based can feel like an impossible task for some and has them wondering about what they’re going to eat. Here’s the good news – eating plant based doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with eating solely fruit and veggies every day with your stomach constantly growling at you. With a little adventurous spirit and willingness to try new flavors and foods, plant-based dishes can be absolutely delicious, nourishing and filling.

Tips For Eating A More Plant-Based Diet

Small Changes Instead Of Massive Change

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to make a change overnight! Small steps can lead to bigger changes down the line. You can start with one plant-based meal a week, if that’s what works for you. You can always move up to more large-scale changes as you become more familiar with plant-based meal options. Making a plan that is more sustainable long-term is going to be better in the long run than trying to make an overnight change.

Easy Heat and Eat Options

Take advantage of easy-to-prepare plant-based meal solutions. More retailers are carrying plant-based meal options. One of my favorite finds for a quick and easy, protein-packed, plant based meal is from Loma Linda®. Loma Linda makes a delicious line of nutritious, plant-based foods which are also non-GMO and gluten free that accommodate all tastes, budgets and needs.

I absolutely love these Loma Linda Greek Bowls! It’s a completely plant-based meal that’s made with brown rice, chickpeas, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and capers tossed in lemon zest and extra virgin olive oil. So many of my favorite flavors all together in one tasty bowl. Each bowl has 12 grams of plant-based protein and plenty of fiber to keep you full and satisfied!

They come in shelf-stable pouches that can be ready in the microwave in 60 seconds – just heat and eat. I love having them to turn to when I want a quick and satisfying meal. It’s delicious  on its own as a main dish or can be served as a quick side (a great way to introduce family members to plant-based meals too!).

We keep our pantry stocked with Loma Linda Greek Bowls and I’ve been using these as the perfect easy-to-prepare lunch option during the week! It makes it ridiculously easy to add more plant-based meals into my diet without any prep and great for those days when I just don’t feel like cooking.

You can find Loma Linda Greek Bowls at Costco warehouses in the midwest and online at:

Simple Swaps

There are so many simple swaps that you can make to eat more plant-based. Switching out traditional dairy milk for a plant-based option. Switch out traditional dairy coffee creamers for oat milk or almond milk-based creamers. There are also so many plant-based meat alternatives available now too! Loma Linda also makes a delicious plant-based Taco Filling meal starter, which makes taco night easy and delicious. Each week, try a new variety to see what works for your family and tastes.

Abundance Mindset

Instead of thinking about all the things that you can’t eat, transform your mindset into thinking about all the things you can eat and the new flavors and dishes that you can try! Build your plate with new flavor and plant-based ingredients that are nourishing and also have the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly. Instead of focusing on what you’re missing out on, think about what you’re gaining or how you’re contributing to a greater cause.

Have you thought about a plant-based lifestyle?

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