If there is one “baby” item that I feel like moms should pick for themselves, the diaper bag would be it. For many moms, the diaper bag serves not only for carrying around all those items you need at hand for baby, but at many times it serves as your purse as well.

When it comes to diaper bags there are a few rules that I follow:

Must be stylish

Since it is often seen as an accessory to your outfits, make sure it is a design that fits your fashion style and lifestyle. With our first bag, I mistakenly got some cutesy printed design to go along with the arrival of our baby boy. After my diaper bag arrived and I started using it, I realized that I would be carrying it around. I hated it. Although diaper bags are designed for babies, you’re the one that has to carry it so be sure that it is something that YOU love. My first diaper bag looked like something a baby should carry around, not a mom that is trying to look put together and stylish, especially when she is already struggling with feeling normal post-partum. *facepalm* I blame my lack of judgement on a major case of pregnancy brain and immediately bought a new bag that I liked.

I love my JJ Cole Arrington Tote Diaper bag! The classy onyx and ivory tone keeps fashion conscious moms on point and looking fabulous. Aside from being so pretty, it has all the extra features that make this bag amazing for the on the go mom. It’s spacious enough to fit every little thing you need for you and baby without having to squeeze it all in or have things fall out when you open it (my biggest pet peeve when it comes to bags).

I love the option of having the straps be removable to wear over the shoulder or use as a tote bag (they’re padded which is a must!). It also includes grip stroller attachments to easily allow you to clip the bag onto any stroller quickly, while preventing wear and tear on your bags straps.


The more, the better! The JJ Cole Arrington Tote diaper bag has so many pockets that there is a space for everything. There is nothing worst than having to search the depths of your diaper bag for a snack or prized toy when your child is .3 seconds away from a massive freakout fest. This diaper bag has 12 pockets so everything has a place and you won’t waste precious time searching for items. I love that the side pockets are insulated to keep bottles cool and especially love the padded electronic pocket to keep phones protected.

Do NOT Overpack

I have a habit of thinking of every possibly situation that could pop up and feeling the need to pack as if we are headed out for a multi-day trip. Two kids later, I’ve finally realized that I was entirely packing too much and have it down to pretty much the basics now. This keeps my bag lightweight and makes it easier to pack (although this bag could quite possibly pack enough for several days if needed). Having less items, means less mess, less time searching for the items I need and less headache.

Below is my typical list for all the items that I need and use for an everyday outing with my one and three year old.

  • Diapers (the amount I believe I’ll need, plus one extra)
  • Wipes
  • Changing pad (included with the bag and easily wipes clean)
  • Wallet
  • Extra outfit for daughter
  • Extra pants/undies for son (in case of accident)
  • Snacks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Drinks
  • Toys
  • Tissues
  • Chapstick
  • Healing salve (used for dry skin, bug bites, diaper cream, rash, etc.)
  • Teether

That’s it! I told you I kept it simple!

So much room!

If you’re on the search for a diaper bag, check out JJ Cole Collections! Their bags are the best. I’m serious, I have 3 (my second favorite is the backpack style)! Not only are they super functional and high quality, but they are fashionable too. Don’t settle for an okay bag, treat yourself to a bag that mirrors your style and on-the-go lifestyle!

Which JJ Cole bag would you pick? See all their styles here!

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