Hey! Hey! HEY! It’s almost the weekend! Technically the weekends start on Thursdays in our house, but Friday mornings are the best because I get some sweaty yoga in, time with the whole family, errands completed and a little blogging catch-up.  I even got to enjoy a little hot coffee this AM.

With the new year, I wanted to start a Friday Favorites series! I’m always finding amazing products that I want to share with you all, funny videos, fashion features, beauty loves, memes, recipes and other fantastic finds, but can’t always seem to squeeze them in. For now, I plan on doing this style post every other weekend but it may increase to weekly as time goes on. :

What I’ve Been Loving This Week:


No lie, I’m obsessing over this adorable moccasins from BirdRock Baby that I got for Brielle! We’ve been struggling to keep socks on her feet since it’s freezing cold, but she loves her moccs and they stay on her feet really well. It’s the cutest because she will carry them to me, plop in my lap and flip her feet up for us to put them on her (super easy to put on). She can easily walk in them and they keep her tootsie’s toasty warm, plus the leather inside the moccasins isn’t dyed so the dye doesn’t transfer onto her feet which is a major win for me. The price can’t be beat and they even have headbands to match!


I’ve been digging “The Happiest Mommy You Know” by Genevieve Shaw Brown lately. The premise of the book is that you can’t take care of your kids to your best ability if you don’t love on yourself first. “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” She encourages moms to stop putting ourselves last. She shares tips, tools and hacks to help us mamas take a little better care of ourselves and to help us let go of the mama guilt  (which I’ve struggled with and wrote about before).


I’ve had a Ninja Coffee Bar system for over a year now (which is amazing because I love being able to brew a cup at a time or make non-diluted iced coffee), but stuck to my plain coffee or iced coffee. I finally started working through the recipe book and there are some amazing recipes in there. I’m loving the Salted Caramel coffee and it fits perfectly into my “No Shame in my Mom Game” travel mug.


I’m OBSESSED with the PÜR Love Your Selfie palette! This palette is packed with everything you need for a perfect look, whether it’s daytime or nightime. With 8 different eyeshadows (mattes and shimmers), bronzer, blush, illuminating powder, mascara and lip gloss it’s the perfect way to give PÜR cosmetics a try. The pigmentation of the eyeshadow is great and it blends easily. This is the perfect palette for everyday use and would be great for travel as it is small enough to easily pack. This was my first hurrah with PÜR cosmetics, but I can say that I’ll definitely be trying more of their makeup.


Since I’m back on my workout game (vinyasa yoga has been kicking my butt), I’ve been trying to up my protein intake to help with muscle recovery. The ready-to-eat Tuna and Salmon Creation pouches from Starkist are super convenient for a quick healthy meal or snack and taste amazing. My kiddos love them too and they make an easy meal with paired with crackers and some veggies or fruit. There are ten different flavors to choose from too. Each pack has an easy recipe on the back to which has given me so many new ways to prepare tuna (I stuck to plain sandwiches prior so this is great to switch it up)


I’ve been so curious about menstrual cups after hearing friends and family rave about them that I finally decided to take the plunge with a Lunette menstrual cup. Some tampons can have questionable ingredients (bleaching, fragrances…yuck!) which can be absorbed into the body and tampons can also change your pH, which can offset your bodies natural cleansing system leading to yeast or bacteria infections. I finally mustered the courage to try it about halfway through my cycle and wish I had tried it earlier on. There is a bit of a learning curve, but so far I really like using it. It felt cleaner, you don’t have to change as often, my cycle felt shorter, plus I’ll save a ton of money in the long run. I’ll definitely do an update after another cycle or two as I had a lot of curious minds on one of my latest instagram posts.

Share with me something fun or awesome you tried or came across this week!

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