We’ve been a fan of Green Toys for a few years now. We were first introduced to them when my parents bought Aiden a few toys at Christmastime. They bought him a couple of airplanes and helicopters and he couldn’t get enough of them and still plays with them daily after nearly two years!


Much like Re-Play Recycled, Green Toys are a fully sustainable and eco-friendly company that are made safe in the U.S.A. Their safe toys are made of 100% recycled plastic,  packaging is 100% recyclable cardboard and they are ready for 100% PLAY! To them, “every day is Earth Day” and I love that aspect about their company.

Aside from the Green factor of these toys, I love that they foster imaginative play. Watching Aiden push, fly and chug his cars, helicopters and boats around is the best. The adventures and stories that he imagines astound me sometimes and he knows (as do I) more about planes, trains and boats than I thought was possible at two years old. He especially loves his rescue boat and helicopter toy as it covers both flying and boating imaginary play.



Also, Green Toys are battery and noise free! I think most parents can relate to a general dismay to loud, flashing toys. I find that some of those type of toys can be overstimulating so I much prefer the simplicity of Green Toys. Aiden can easily spend 30-45 minutes of independent playtime with his boats, planes and helicopters (although he loves when we join him of course).



Green Toys are made to last! They are so durable that it amazes me. In the past 2 years, they’ve been thrown around, stepped on, dropped down the stairs, bath time (the boats come part for easy cleaning and can even go in the dishwasher) and we have not had a single break or crack. With a rough and tough two year old, that’s nearly a miracle. There are few toys that come out unscathed and all of his Green Toys have stood the toddler test of resilience.


Aside from vehicle toys they also have puzzles (as seen above…the wheels even move), kitchen play, bath, gift sets, baby, activity sets and more. I’ll definitely be adding a few to the kids Christmas wish lists.


Green Toys are being super awesome and offering a great giveaway to my readers. One winner will receive the Rescue Boat and Helicopter toy (shown above). To enter, simply let me know below which of their toys you’d like for your kiddos Christmas wishlist (I’m loving the farm playset so much!). For an additional entry, check out my Instagram post too!

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